If You Do These 15 Embarrassing Things, Then You’re A Food Addict

If You Do These 15 Embarrassing Things, Then You’re A Food Addict

Let’s see if you’re the ULTIMATE foodie…

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So the majority of us love food. But how many of us worship it above all? We’ve compiled a list of embarrassing things that the biggest food lovers have done as a result of their obsession.

If you’ve done more than ten of these things, then your addiction is next level! And as foodies ourselves, we employ you NOT to feel ashamed…

1. There’s no time when you’re NOT hungry

You might have just had a three-course banquet, but you sure as hell still have room for ice cream.

2. You measure money by how much food it can get you

Wealth means different things to different people, and to you it's the ability to buy your body weight in fried chicken.

Given that food is more important than literally anything, you measure up something’s worth by comparing it to how many tubs of Ben & Jerry’s it could get you.

3. You get nervous when the waiter comes to take food away and you’re saving some

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It’s that awkward thing of you don’t want to look like a greedy goblin but you’re gonna rage if the waiter tries to take your leftovers.

4. You’ve gone to bed dreaming of breakfast

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The excitement to wake up and eat is too much! If you’re a real foodie, your fave part of the day is eating.

5. You get upset towards the end of your meal

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The thought that it’s coming to an end is devastating to you. No matter how full you are.

6. In restaurants, all you can think about is how long the food will be

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From the second you order to the second it’s served, your mind is racing and it’s more difficult with every second!

7. You eat meals in complete silence to focus on the food

Rule number one; if you’re eating with someone, they have to shut up whilst you eat. The talking can only commence when your plate is empty.

8. If you see free samples in the store, you go up multiple times

When you see a new person has taken over the samples, that's when it's safe to go in for your next lot.

Because who can try something just once? You certainly can’t!

9. You’ve burnt the roof of your mouth on many occasions because you couldn’t wait until your food had cooled down

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The bane of my existence. Who can be patient when there’s a plate of delicious food in front of them?!

10. When you’re eating, you’re already thinking about your next meal

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Like, there isn’t a time when food isn’t on the brain. So naturally, during meal time you’re already planning your next grub.

11. You munch on ingredients as you make dinner

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If you don’t do this then you’re missing out. You’re never patient enough to wait until the meal is done so of course, you’re gonna nibble on stuff as you cook!

12. Your nights out revolve around food

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Most the time you make the request to your friends that nights out revolve around trying a new restaurant, but if you’re going to a bar for a night out, you ensure that you go McDonald’s afterwards. And it’s all you can think about in the club!

13. You see food even when there isn’t actually any food there

The second you saw this you thought ‘rainbow cookie!’ right? Yeah, you’re definitely a food addict.

14. You’ve gone to an event JUST to take advantage of free food

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It’s the best kind of food! Forget about socializing and dancing, you’re down for the buffet!

15. You’ve gone out of your way to get something specific you were craving

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You’re willing to walk further than ever before if food is at the destination. And so you should!

Acidheads, I’m calling time on us being ashamed of your food-loving ways! Live to eat, not eat to live! What did you think of this list? Do you do most of these things? What else does your food addiction make you do?

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