18 Ingenious Life Hacks For Lazy People

18 Ingenious Life Hacks For Lazy People

I’ve been called lazy a few times in my life, and it’s true. I am lazy.

But that’s not such a bad thing, right?

The world is filled with lazy people, and they usually come up with the brightest ideas or the easiest ways of doing something. So, when you think of it like that, is being lazy really a bad thing?

I think we should embrace our lazy side!

After all, there’s a very fine line between laziness and brilliance!

Here are a few handy and helpful hacks that will help sort your life out!


Invest in a webcam so you can spend less time in the kitchen.

A watched pot may never boil, but then again, they never said anything about a Facetimed pot…

Cooking With IP Webcam


Ask your local supermarket for a big box or just save one when you next buy something big.

It may sound strange but if you have a toddler, put them in the box with some crayons.  They will be busy and occupied for hours, and your walls, floors and furniture will stay nice and clean.


Peep-toe sandal.

Off somewhere nice in your peep-toe sandals? Make it look like you’ve put in some effort by painting by only painting the toenails people are going to see!


Fake it!

Faking it usually gets a bad rep, but it sometimes the best way forward. We promise we won’t judge you for it.


No clean underwear?

Use panty liners in your dirty underwear until you can finally motivate yourself to do the laundry! You might feel disgusting, but your lady parts won’t! 


Save money by not buying dish soap. Buy plastic wrap instead!

Wrap all your clean plates in plastic wrap, that way the actual plates stay clean while your eating.


Train your pets. Attach a bottle opener to their collar!


No need to by any fancy products for cleaning your keyboard. Just use some post-it notes.


Kids work too! Get them clothes that double up as cleaning products! I promise you, your floors will be good as new!


Turn anything into a cooking utensil.

Everything has the potential to be a cooking or eating utensil. Even rulers!


Make your home smell better by trying out this handy trick at home!

Cover your fan in dryer sheets to absorb all those nasty odors in the air. Your house will soon smell as good as new!

Dryer sheets taped to the back of a window fan are the best air indoor freshener $4 can buy.


Save your time on washing up. Just put milk in the actual cookie container so you save yourself the hassle of washing dishes.


Use dental floss to cut your cakes to save on having to wash up your knives. I mean who has time to was up when there is cake to be eaten!


When you can’t find a clean bowl or just can’t be bothered going to the kitchen to get one, why not just flip round your hoodie and pour your popcorn right in your hood.

Makes for a great make shift bowl while you sit at your computer.

Image result for popcorn hoodie


If you cut your pizza in half before cooking it, you can fit two pizza’s onto the same baking tray.


So you are at work and have some noodles you want to eat. But there is no pan!

Well never fear. Just put them in the coffee maker to cook them. Just don’t blame me if your colleagues have a go at you for it! OH and pour out any coffee in there before you start of course ;-).

Image result for noodles coffee machine


Everyone hates ironing right? Well this tick will be a real life saver.

Just wrinkly clothes in the dryer, together with a wet hand towel, turn it on for about 5 minutes. When you take them out, the wrinkles will be gone!

Image result for no wrinkles dryer


Always keep a pack of wipes next to your bed for those days when you just can’t be bothered washing your face before bed.

This is so much better than smothering the days make up all over your pillow cases meaning more washing which as we know is even more of a pain!

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