Workmen Come Up With Hilarious And Sneaky Way To Watch The World Cup

Workmen Come Up With Hilarious And Sneaky Way To Watch The World Cup

World Cup season had these workers taking extreme measures to see the game…

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When the World Cup arrives, the entire planet goes into turmoil to ensure they get to wave their patriotic flag and catch those all important games. And of course, brits are amongst these avid fans will do absolutely anything to see it ‘coming home’.  Not to mention, having a pint in hand is a must.

So naturally, when England qualified for the final 16 and was up against Colombia on Tuesday 3rd July, football fans everywhere were doing everything they could to ensure they were down the pub, pint in hand, supporting their country. Even if that meant sneaking out of work without the boss noticing you’d left…

These two British workers went viral when they shared the lengths they went to in order to see that game!

Prepare for some Toy Story brainstorming vibes…

The video begins with what looks like your average day at work. That is until the two large boxes seem to have a mind of their own. The cameraman reveals these guys have hidden in the boxes so they can sneak themselves off to the pub.


As their manager comes on site (seen above), the two lads stop hastily, hoping he won’t take any notice of them.

And it looks as if they’ve been successful when we see the manager absentmindedly walk past the boxes whilst on the phone. ‘Oaarrr he can’t even see them!’ declares the cameraman. The lads have completed phase one.

Phase two begins when they decide to ditch the boxes and pelt out of the site whilst their manager is preoccupied around the corner. The cameraman and other workmen cheer and tell the two workers to ‘go on, go on!’ as they bolt away.

Alas! The plan has worked! Rushing towards the exit, they make a run for it while their manager is never the wiser. Instead, he calls for the cameraman and those with him to get back to work instead!

And what a game it was! With England winning by penalties 4 -3, it was certainly worth sneaking out of work to see.

The hilarious clip gained over 1 million watches and you can watch the full video here: