All The Wonderful Reasons The Queen Loves Corgis As Much As We Do

All The Wonderful Reasons The Queen Loves Corgis As Much As We Do

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Dogs are amazing creatures, all they want is love, walks, and feeding. They never judge us and they’re always there for us when we need a cuddle, but is there such a thing as the best type of dog? Well, the Queen certainly thinks so. It’s no secret that the Queen favors the Corgi, and I myself (along with many others, I’m sure) agree with her!

Not convinced? Well, folks, I’m here to argue their case…

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They’re adorable in a cheeky kind of way.

They know exactly what they want and exactly how to get it.

And they’re so darn cute we can’t help give it to them!



They try really hard at everything.

Look at this little champ. Have you ever seen someone so enthusiastic about a high-five?

Or these two little heroes… who are ADORABLY terrified of this giant vegetable. (Not going to lie… I kind of am too)

This little guy has just been told he’s going to the vet, but what a brave face he’s putting on!


They’re basically furry babies.

If I had a Corgi pup I would make EVERYDAY bring your kid to work day.

This little guy isn’t sure about water, but he’s giving it his best shot!

And look, you can even stack them if you have too many! (But really, can you ever have too many Corgis?)


Did I mention they’re A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E?

Look at this little munchkin with his own little Corgi teddy bear!

Corgi or bunny rabbit? Possibly a hybrid? Who cares, SO CUTE.

This man has his priorities in order! What a pure picture.

You never know what they’re going to do next!

Is it a bird? NO! A plane? NO! It’s an incredibly cute Corgi soaring gracefully through the sky? You’re darn right it is!

No, but seriously, where can I get one of these Happy Meals?

I would probably starve before waking this little fella up to get to the fridge!


They’re loyal.

Have you ever seen something so pure? (Answer: No, you haven’t)

What an amazing idea! Best buds… you’ll never lose him in the park, that’s for sure.

“Maybe if I get close enough to the glass I’ll be able to walk straight through it?”


They’re just SO DARN PURE!

Okay so giant vegetables and tiny yellow sheep… Corgis are not a fan of these things, at all.

Can you believe that all these pups fit into that one tiny little Corgi? Look how this mama is watching over her babies, so pure.

Speaking of mamas, here’s one with her adopted chicks… or is she being chased? Hard to tell.


There’s nothing they can’t do.

I mean, look, this little cutie is flying!

And this one is… well, this one is trying his very best to do what all the other doggos are doing.

And these guys have formed an army of love and cuddles! Where do I sign up!?

They’re masters of disguise!

Spot the intruder! Go on! I dare you…

This guys attempt at a sneak attack is too freakin’ cute. “Hello may I have some attention please and thank you”

And this guy is a really cuddly floatation device!


They’re like little four-legged potatoes.

This little tot is my mood every single day.

This guy was just told he needs to parallel park.

And this one has no idea how he got into this situation but here he is and he is sad about it.


They’re always there to put a smile on your face!

This lady woke up to her boyfriends Skype screen and this is what she saw… what an upgrade!

Look how proud this new Momma is of herself! Again though… HOW DO THEY ALL FIT IN THERE?

These gals know how to strike. a. pose. Slay ladies! And look at those fabulous heart shaped tails!


They’re very intelligent… even if they don’t always look it.

Check this little guy out… playing dead at the vet! Ingenious.

And this little fella who’s decided to become a four-legged snow plow. Snow won’t stop him now!

And of course, these guys helping each other master there shared arch-nemesis, the stairs! Good job guys, good job.


And not to mention, they’re just like, soooo photogenic!

Ohhhh I just cannot get over his ears! Such a little sweetie!

This guy would do anything to get closer to his owner, and he is rocking that look!

Absolutely the smoothest little dog on the pitch! 10/10, very good boy.


What do you say Acidheads, have I convinced you? Are you a proud Corgi owner like the Queen herself or do you have a different bundle of fluff at home? What’s your favorite breed of dog? Let us know in the comments! And don’t forget to like and share this with all your friends and loved ones. Have a great day! AA x


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