Women Tell Us Ridiculous Things Men Said To Them About How The Female Body Works

Women Tell Us Ridiculous Things Men Said To Them About How The Female Body Works

Warning: hilariously shocking stupidity ahead…

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Okay okay, so we’re not saying the female body is the easiest to understand. Us ladies are complex creatures and we still don’t have ourselves figured out! But there are some things that everyone should have an understanding at this point.

Well these guys didn’t. Perhaps they had a bad sex ed teacher or were told a lie as a kid, but some of these beliefs, well there’s just no excuse…

1. The baby sized vagina

“I had a boyfriend who thought that, after giving birth, the vagina stayed that stretched out. Like, it was literally just baby-sized for the rest of your life.”

– ktellenbarden

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2. “Just say in your head ‘I don’t want to be pregnant'”

“I met a guy who said that ‘women can control when they get pregnant by accepting or denying the sperm’.”

– fritzfamily2000

3. Your labia tell the story of your sex life!

“I’ve heard, and continue to hear, people (mainly guys) say that an ‘outie’ vulva (labia minora peeks out of the labia majora) means the woman has slept with a ton of guys, while women with an ‘innie’ vulva (labia minora is ‘tucked in’ the labia majora) are more ‘pure’ and have had less partners. That’s bullshit. They really need to address this in sex-ed class because so many women are self conscious of how their vulva looks.”

– AnnaLee10

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4. The vacuum vagina

“That women must have to top up their bath water, ‘because, you know, it gets sucked up inside you‘.”

– rachaeld4ce7786fe

5. How periods and tampons work

“My ex-boyfriend didn’t understand that a period was an actual ‘flow’ and he was even more horrified to learn that women walk around with tampons still inside of them. He thought that you just had to go in the bathroom every couple of hours, put in a tampon, and then immediately pull it out.”

– KristyHeath

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6. Typical mansplaining

“In the bed watching a typical period commercial notating the various heaviness of women’s flows and absorbency levels of products. And my husband started to mansplain to the TV under his breath that pad sizes correlated to the ‘vagina size‘!!!”

– cdobbins521

7. Every girl has her period on the 1st!

“One time I told my best friend that I was on my period and suddenly he had this confused look on his face and he asked ‘Isn’t it the 13th today?’ I was like ‘Umm yeah??’. He actually thought all girls get their periods on a specific date of the month, I laughed for about five minutes while he was still looking at me confused.”

– vandonova23

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8. Mind control over periods

“My periods were late, and me and the boyfriend were worried because we use mainly condoms for contraception. He told me to just get my period on time the next month. He was shocked when I told him I don’t really get to control when it comes.”

– ruchithabrb

9. No need for condoms if you don’t ‘mean it’!

“One of my exes didn’t know ejaculating in a girl is what caused pregnancy. He said it only worked if you ‘really meant it’.”

– tori1234455

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10. More ridiculous mansplaining

“I was told by a bloke on Facebook that the blood clots you get while on your period are due to poor hygiene.”

– allysonj419547582

11. Savage response!

“I’ve had many men ask if inserting a tampon felt good. I told them that sometimes inserting a penis feels like nothing as well.”

– Shawnie Ingram

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12. Loose women? Nope!

“I had a guy tell me that the women he has been with are really loose because of using dildos and vibrators, turns out he just has a really skinny penis”

-Kristi Alexander

Yes Acidheads, these are legit things that people believed! What did you think? Do you have any tales of your own? Comment on our Facebook post and don’t forget to share this article with your friends!