Woman Orders $600 Meal At America’s Second Most Expensive Restaurant And Can’t Believe What She Gets

Woman Orders $600 Meal At America’s Second Most Expensive Restaurant And Can’t Believe What She Gets

Unfortunately, the last of the pumpkin dishes wasn’t a favourite. “Not sure about this one. Pumpkin puree in cold-pressed pumpkin seed oil. It felt like it was kind of added as an afterthought and was way too salty. I’m not even sure how I was supposed to eat it.”

The next dish featured antelope, which didn’t quite sit will with Hoptail. “Objectively, I’m sure it was nice. It was well-seasoned and had the texture of a cross between venison and beef and was perfectly medium-rare. Melt-in-your-mouth-melt-your-heart amazing. The fact that it was sourced from a ranch in Texas did nothing to abate my Lion King flashbacks and my childhood sentimentality got in the way of really being able to enjoy this one.”

The fact that the next dish contained antelope too didn’t do anything to lift the mood. “God make it stop. Antelope bone broth with sage. It was actually really nice, but I needed to move on from Bambi’s relatives.”

Finally, the moment we’ve all been waiting for… Dessert! “This is smoked ice cream. Don’t ask me the science behind how one smokes ice cream – but it’s got something to do incorporating exotic wood embers into the cream. So incredible though, and came with life-changing salted caramel.”

The incredible ice cream was accompanied by an assortment of candied toppings that included walnuts, peanuts, cacao nibs and pine nuts.

Hoptail didn’t have much to say about this dish as a whole, but what she did say made the point clear. “Praise Jesus, my palette has been blessed. Amen.”

Next up on the dessert menu was an orange buttermilk creamsicle that could be an actual orange.

As beautiful as this dish was, Hoptail had to confess to being full. “Super smooth, really creamy and had hidden segments of candied oranges at the bottom. I’ll confess, I’d been eating for like 3 and a half hours at this point and picked through the ice cream to get to the wedges. I felt bad, but I was barely halfway through the dessert portion of the menu and was already on struggle street.”

The next course wasn’t a favourite for Hoptail. “Blueberry sorbet on top of brandy macerated blueberries. Topped with more brandy. Good if you like brandy. I don’t.” I’d happily take it off her hands!

The last course wasn’t even featured on the menu and was a Saison ‘Snickers’ bar! “This is an off-menu item that comes if you befriend the right waiter and mention you have a penchant for desserts. Some sort of dark chocolate and nut brownie base, salted caramel centre, chocolate ganache and topped with 24K gold – because why not do that when you’re the second most expensive restaurant in the country.”

In case all of this delicious food wasn’t enough, Hoptail also walked away with a fancy Saison swag bag! “You get a swagbag on the way out and a fancy wax-sealed copy of the menu. Honestly this was an awesome experience and, for me, well worth the money. The staff were absolutely amazing.” Anyone else super jealous right now? I know I am!


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