Who Will Be America’s Next Sweetheart?

Who Will Be America’s Next Sweetheart?

We all have our favorite actress but when it comes to this list, sometimes even your favorite can get lost in the mix! It certainly does seem like there are more ladies than we imagine that is in Hollywood and making a big splash and many of them have been doing this for years and even decades! Also, we happen to be huge fans of everything that they do and we are often sure to watch every appearance that they have or listen to every song that they sing.

It’s just one of those things that makes you realize how many spectacular women there really are in this business and yet, there can only be one, American Sweetheart. Well, possibly more but it does seem a bit unnerving when you see this list because you begin to realize for the first time that there are definitely more ladies than originally comes to mind when you think of “America’s Sweetheart” and with every woman that makes this list, you start to doubt who your first choice was because each one of them has something spectacular to offer the world and we all enjoy everything that they do!

Now, you can try to pick just one but you will find this to be an impossible task and you might even think that there’s someone missing on it as well! That’s because there’s just so many of these lovely ladies who enhance our lives in so many ways that we can’t possibly name them all but when it comes to these ladies, there is no doubt that they are on the right track to becoming America’s Sweetheart. The only hard part about picking just one of them is that you wish they all could be the one but that’s never going to happen. Even so, America definitely has more room in her heart for more than one of these ladies:

Gal Gadot

She is an Israeli actress and a fashion model and back in 2004, she won the Miss Israel title and also represented her county at the 2004 Miss Universe beauty pageant. Obviously, we hold these women in high reverence, especially when they win such a prestigious beauty pageant such as this. It really does say a lot about who she is with this title but it doesn’t tell us everything which includes that she’s the leading fashion model for a major clothing company and she was also in ‘The Fast and The Furious’ movie series, among other appearances in the movies.

Margot Robbie

Nobody in her family thought that she would become an actress. Well, she showed them and after her big role in ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ she became the “it” girl and this catapulted her to great heights. Meanwhile, when she goes home, she’s just a normal girl again and her family treats her ordinarily. This must help keep her grounded when trying to deal with the pressures of being famous. For all of these reasons, Margot is one of those girls who is destined to become America’s Sweetheart because not only does she have the smile and good looks, but she has proven to be able to do so much more with her talent than just be pretty.

Anna Kendrick

She has been acting for some time now and now she’s easily recognizable.

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