Wedding Photographer Gets Sued After Taking Pictures Of Only Boobs And Butts

Wedding Photographer Gets Sued After Taking Pictures Of Only Boobs And Butts

We all want our wedding day to be special, and a big part of that is the memories that we capture through photos and videos. Well, imagine paying good money for someone to do just that, only to discover that many of your photos are nothing more than close-ups of your bridesmaid’s boobs and butts!

For those of you who have spent good money on a photographer, this article is for you! It will warn you that this special day is not to be handed over to someone who is not capable of handling your precious moments and with this story, you will discover how badly this can turn out for you in the end.

With this couple, it was the most precious day of their lives and they truly believed that they hired someone who was going to help capture it to their fullest capacity. With that said, they went about their day and never suspected that this guy was not even doing his job! Even so, there was some indication in the beginning when he showed up late to the wedding. However, even this wasn’t any indication of what he was about to spend his day doing which had nothing to do with capturing all of the amazing details of this special day.

It’s really despicable what he did with his time and all of their hard earned money. Once you see these photos, you will be shocked that he did this at all and you will also discover what the bride did about this. Even so, it did not bring back the memories the way they were intended to be captured. Instead, it caused a lot of heart ache and it took a lot of work to bring this guy to justice for what he did on their wedding day.

It was their special day!

And it was a very good day until she got the photos back from the photographer. That’s when she discovered that he was more interested in covering the boobs and butts at her wedding rather than the wedding itself. Honestly, once you take a look at the kinds of photos that this guy took, you will wonder how he was able to advertise himself as a legitimate wedding photographer! However, he apparently had a good portfolio to present and so, this couple was not expecting it all to go this horribly wrong. In fact, this is something that they least expected from him.

The photos were not at all what she was expecting.

It’s bad enough to get a bath of photos back that didn’t turn out well on your special day but when you realize that many of the photos didn’t even contain any great pictures of the bride, groom, in laws, etc. You begin to realize what was really going on behind the camera all day long. Especially when you see plenty of close-ups of the private parts of the ladies who were in the wedding. This guy literally went around photographing the boobs and butts of her bridesmaids! If that wasn’t enough, he left out all of the most important parts of their special day.

Nearly 100 photos of their bridesmaids were focused on their body parts.

There were very few photos of the bride, groom and other key members of the wedding party.

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