Watch Her Recreate These Celeb Selfies! They Are So Much Better Than The Originals!

Watch Her Recreate These Celeb Selfies! They Are So Much Better Than The Originals!

If you haven’t seen this woman and her hilarious selfie-recreations of these celebs, then you have come to the right place because we have handpicked several of them from her Instagram page that will just make your day! The best part is that you can actually see yourself doing these same kinds of photos (just like her) but the fact that she does this for us is a huge relief! Her name is Celeste Barber and she enjoys spending her time mocking the selfies that celebrities create.

I suppose we think it’s funny because Celeste is such an average looking woman and we can appreciate her desire to do what the celebrities are doing. However, at the same time, she is putting it all out there for the world to see and we have to say that she is a brave woman for exposing herself so much. It’s nice to finally see someone not be ashamed and it’s done in such a way that it seems to be shaming the celebrities themselves for how they are presented in these photos. I guess beautiful people really are vain. Also, in this case, we just can’t seem to get enough of Celeste and her hilarious photos in which she puts herself in the most ridiculous positions possible and she actually looks a lot like the person she’s trying to recreate (sort of).

Regardless, it is a refreshing look at how all of us see ourselves and how we are often comparing ourselves to these celebs even though we know for a fact that many of them are photoshopping their appearances in order for them to appear flawless. Well, not Celeste! She’s actually looking just as bad as anyone else might one any given day. In the end, most of us are just average women who are dying to live extraordinary lives. Take a look:

1. Kim Kardashian

First of all, where did she get that partner? The fact that some dude is willing to pose like this with her is just as funny as her doing this herself. Great job! Also, did you happen to catch the narration that Celeste added it? Perhaps this really is how Kim is talking to this guy in the photo before (and after) the shoot. It really is pretty hilarious that these celebs are so caught up in getting another fantastic photo taken (as if the last 2000 were not enough). Anyway, you can see how Celeste mocks it in this version and I’d say she nailed it!

She deserves a round of applause!

Let’s see what else her talent has to reveal to us about herself. We simply cannot wait to find out more!

2. Kendal Jenner

So, take the most ridiculous pic of Kendall and then do something even more ridiculous than that! That is what Celeste is doing in this photo and I do love hers better. To be honest, I’m not really sure what Kendall was going for in this photo but as you will see, most celebrities are willing to try anything for a photo that’s unique and different from all of the millions that already exist out there of themselves. This is why Celeste probably chose this one, because it was unique and weird all at the same time and just like Celeste herself!

Yeah, none of us can really figure this one out in the first place

It’s hard to imagine what the original photographer was even trying to go for but it appears as though they think that this is awesome photography. Thank’s to Celeste, it’s now an awesome joke!

3. Up or down the stairs?

This is more awkward than the original picture but that appears to be what makes her photos such a success. Her ability to improvise is perfect. I am absolutely impressed with the way she is able to throw herself into these awkward situation without any hesitation. This is the sign of a true artist which I believe is what she is doing by recreating these amazing selfies.

You go girl!

There’s nothing better than having the approval of those who you intend to impress upon.

4. Naomi Cambell

Again, she finds a willing partner to make this dream a reality. I can’t tell what is going on, in either picture! Thankfully, she has others in her life who are willing to make the sacrifice right along with her and this photo proves that more is better! We cannot emphasize how important it is to be this serious when taking a ridiculous photo because otherwise, there is just no comparison. This is why she is so popular and that is because of her subtle humor about it all and her ability to make her dreams come true.

Nobody can tell what is going on here but we are shocked, nonetheless!

These photos are no small feat and they obviously take a lot of dedication to achieve.

5. Joan Smalls

Yes, everyone should be doing yoga while being precariously perched on some dangerous rocks. That sounds like something that Celeste needs to recreate! So, she does. Beautifully? Well, maybe not but I don’t believe that this is the point she’s trying to make. She literally wants to see what a “normal” woman might look like doing these abnormal poses. We think that she does it beautifully, even though convention tells us that she’s not pretty at all. We need to see what’s important on the inside of a person as well and good humor goes a long way!

That is why she is getting all of the accolades of her efforts here in these photos.

She inspires many to push the envelope of their creative genius within.

6. Getting dressed.

5 second rule. #celestechallengeaccepted #celestebarber #funny

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Here’s one way to mock a perfectly good photo of a beautiful woman plunging off of a chair with her pants falling off. Of course, Celeste’s version is more accurate for most of us!

I can’t imagine looking graceful while doing this

It is just something that is normally left to the imagination until people actually enact this in the real world.

7. Justin Bieber

Again, I love the way she improvised this celeb selfie. Grabbing her boob is what makes this so perfect!

Yes, it is shocking for a woman to do such a thing!

In a way, she’s breaking the mold of this stereotype because for some reason, it is okay for a guy to grab himself but it is very shocking when a woman does this to herself.

8.  Models

You can’t even guess what’s she’s going to do next! That’s what I love about scrolling through her pics. She has an insane imagination. How does she know which ones to pick?

Not everyone can appreciate it though

Even so, she is growing in popularity all the time because there doesn’t seem to be an end to her commitment to this project.

9. Some beach fun

Yes, Celeste, we do know that you are the one on the right! However, she feels the need to add this as a ‘spoiler alert’.

Well, it is that bad and so we felt like you needed to know!

Even so, we just can’t seem to get enough of her!

10. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Well, we would all love to look as beautiful as this lady is in the swimming pool but most of us would rather wear a turtleneck like Celeste!

We all know which photo a man would prefer!

However, Celeste doesn’t really care about what typical people are hoping for in a photo and that’s why her take on this humor is wildly popular!

11. Emily Ratajkowski

My favorite part of this picture is the dude in the background because he’s probably wondering why Celeste is walking her dog in her underwear! Now, he’s a permanent part of her crusade.

He’s probably glad to contribute to the cause!

Anyone participating in this with her is sure to be a good sport about it all!

12. Kendall Jenner

It’s funny how she tries to mimic the same setting but always appears to fall short somewhere. . .

That’s okay, nobody is thinking any less of her for this one!

We can only look ahead to see what else she had to offer!

13. J-Lo

Okay, there’s a lot about this picture that I can comment on but I will narrow it down to just one. . . the smudges in the mirror! That’s the biggest difference that I can see when it comes to taste. . .

Most people find this sort of photo obscene to begin with!

If we can figure out why a celebrity spends the time to take a photo like this, then perhaps we can come to a conclusion about how society is going to move forward. We realize that she’s a sexy woman and perhaps she feels the need to be constantly handing this out about herself but it’s also true that she has so much more to offer the world than this. Perhaps Celeste’s constant mocking of these celebs will give them the clue that they are not being very relevant and, in fact, are wasting their time with this nonsense.

14. Emily Ratajkowski

I can’t image what is going through her head when she is picking these poses to mimic. This never something that I would do but when she does it, she makes us laugh!

Yeah, at the end of the day, this is really embarrassing stuff!

But why is that? Probably because she’s not a beautiful woman and for some reason, we can only handle these poses when beautiful women are involved. However, we love how Celeste just throws this out with complete disregard for how she’s “supposed” to look because that obviously doesn’t stop her from being herself completely!

15. badgirlriri

Here’s another one where she takes a sexy photo and makes a complete mockery of it with her ridiculous pose combined with that look on her face!

Those who are willing to embarrass themselves like this deserve a medal!

It is this constant way that she has of making no apologies for what she is about to do. None of which help out the cause that all of these celebs are going for and that it, a beautiful photo. Of course, we all want to look beautiful but those who are also seem to be a bit more obtuse about it because they feel as if that is the only value that they have in this world. It’s like flaunting a new purse or shoes. I new photo does the same trick in making up aware that they all have something which a lot of others don’t have.

16. Cara Delevingne

Sometimes, just the original photo is funny enough but whenever Celeste does her part, she makes it even funnier!

Who’s a fan?

If you have gotten this far then we can clearly see that you are a fan of her work as well. Perhaps it’s because we can only imagine doing this ourselves and we would never want others to critique is as we might be doing to her but that doesn’t mean that we don’t appreciate her bravery! She’s literally on the front lines fighting for our right to be plain and simple folks because even if that was true, we can still do all of this amazing stuff as well. However, we prefer it when she just does this for us!

17. Selma Blair

She’s just so bold (even with her own body) which is why many people admire her and her courage to make these mocking photos.

We can live through life without seeing these things but what fun is that?

When we see a fantastic photo of a celeb doing something like this, we don’t know how to react to it because we believe that she’s begging for our attention. In doing so, she’s actually revealing her weakness as well but in Celeste’s case, her weakness is merely physical and her strength comes from within. For this reason we can truly appreciate all that she has to offer because we know that there’s so much more to come from her and we simply cannot wait!

18. Ciara

Ciara makes hugging a child seem so beautiful and yet when Celeste does this, it looks more like reality than we’d care to admit.

The reality of motherhood!

It’s true, motherhood is not all bliss and yet, if all you have to reflect on this topic were these picture perfect photos, then one could only imagine that motherhood was nothing short of a miraculous experience that we must all rush out to try for ourselves. However, when we do, we get a photo like what Celeste has to offer which is both awkward and realistic. They probably just took the first photo that Celeste had to offer and didn’t have to engage in a long photo shooting session to recreate this image.

19. Kendall Jenner

Truth bombs. #celestechallengeaccepted #celestebarber #funny #kendalljenner

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The truth hurts. Especially in both of these cases.

It is certainly not easy being in these poses!

However, if you are doing it for a special cause, then we can honestly say that this is alright. There’s something every addicting to seeing Celeste recreate these photos and that’s probably because she’s doing what we all wish we could do but don’t really have the nerve to. That’s why we like her so much because she has nerves of steel and we appreciate her ability to mock these celebs in the way they should be mocked. It’s not all about making great pictures but it can be about having a good time doing it.

20. Bella Hadid

Wow! Being in the spotlight looks painful!

Sometimes too much spotlight is painful for us all!

This woman continues to outdo herself in her ability to make these photographic jokes. The spotlight is a perfect example of going overboard with the camera and the fact that she states “making love” to the camera is a clear indication that she’s making fun of this aspect of the business. We all know that the camera is an inanimate object and yet, these women treat it as if it were real and nobody seems to think that this is a weird thing at all! Until, of course, we see Celeste doing this and then we are reminded of how phony it all is.

21. The Ballerina

Just Tuesday. #celestechallengeaccepted #celestebarber #funny

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It’s probably because of the couch. Don’t judge her on this pose! We know that Celeste does better than this!

Or perhaps this is her genius at work!

She’s been known to throw us off before because she can do some amazing stuff and then there are those times when she’s just maintaining the situation and for whatever reason, it works. We cannot imagine how her mind works as she it attempting these photos but it is clear that she’s not in the mood to be the perfect model each and every time. Sometimes just one opportunity is all we get to make a first impression and it seems as if she’s done this on purpose and for that reason.

22. Popping the bottle!

NYE 2017 // Week 2 2018

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I’m starting to see a pattern here… now I know why she picks these kinds of photos! I love the look on her face in this one!

This just makes us want to check out what the party is all about!

She’s definitely good at drawing us in because the one photo is ridiculous all on it’s own but Celeste likes to take this to a whole, new level of ridiculous and when she does, it really is a party! Don’t be surprised that people are loving this sort of mockery because we are finally getting a glimpse of what real life is like for most people and we are slowly coming to the conclusion that the rest of it is all fake anyway. Although, we should already know this by now and yet, it just takes a small reminder to get it into your head once again or perhaps, for the first time.

23. Lea Michele


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Well, in this one, Celeste worked pretty hard to recreate the outfit. The rest of the humor was up to her.

Well, not everyone will appreciate it!

But we sure do! There’s nothing wrong with any of it because you literally cannot make this stuff up and yet, here we are witnessing it for the first time. I just can’t get over how she is able to throw herself into each of these projects with such abandonment that we wonder where she gets her courage from. These are not easy photos to achieve in the first place and her take on them all takes a real grit that many people just don’t have anymore.

24. Emily Ratajkowski

Whoever smelt it dealt it. #celestechallengeaccepted #celestebarber #funny #emrata

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Oddly enough, she does a good job recreating this pose but she always throws in a funny facial expression to let us all know that there’s a huge amount of effort going into these shots.

Don’t worry! You’ve come this far! Don’t stop now!

For those of you who are still with us, we can see that you have a creative edge as well. That means that you are capable of looking at the world through a different perspective and this is uniquely your own. With it, you can accomplish more than you ever intended to do! For Celeste, this idea might have started off small and the efforts may have be half hearted but we can see that she is developing a skill that can only be achieved by believing in yourself and just going for it!

25. A couple of pineapples!

Weighing up my options for 2018. #celestechallengeaccepted #celestebarber #funny

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This is when we start to question how far she is willing to go in these photos! I’m seriously dying with laughter over this one.

Yeah, this one might be a bit much for some to take in!

That’s the beauty of her work. If you don’t like one, you can immediately go on to check out another. There’s really no end to how far she can go with this and many of us are anxiously anticipating her next move. In a way, we look forward to everything that she will do because just seeing these photos is not enough and when you leave them hungry for more than you know that you have become quite a success in your professional celeb photo mocking career!

26. Kourtney Kardashian

Well, both of these ladies are sending out a message about themselves in these photos.

Only if you can’t handle the truth!

Well, if you don’t get the humor then there’s really no point in trying to force it upon you. For most of us, we can see exactly where Celeste is coming from and that is in a place of peace and harmony. . .yeah right! Her main goal is to shrug off the harmony that most of these pics are attempting to provide. With that said, there’s a lot going on in these photos that we can appreciate because they offer up some truth instead of making us believe that all it takes is a little bag of shake to achieve this.

27. Jennifer Lopez

I love the way Jennifer is so delightfully overwhelmed and so is Celeste with yet, another bottle!


This guy has definitely seen too much!

The fact is, we have not! This was another not-so-lovely recreation of the perfect life that these celebs seem to have. Although, we know that none of this is real and that Jennifer doesn’t just stand in her yard with perfect abs watching her perfect son play perfectly. None of this is real! What IS real is Celeste and her hilarious portrayal of these circumstances in which these celebs seems to “find” themselves in which we all know is completely contrived!

28. Gwyneth Paltrow

The mud mustache is what does it for me! Otherwise, why would anyone want to be in the mud?

There’s a lot that went into these photos and it’s all just so much!

I mean, the amount of mud and dirt that had to be used and then the actual act of trying get a photo after being all covered up is just to overwhelming to understand. The best thing that we can do is just scroll past this one because the celeb in this one has a weird way displaying herself that none of us can understand or even appreciate. Thankfully, Celeste is here to mock this one up too! We love her for trying . . .

29. Miley Cyrus

Miley and her biggest fan but Celeste have an even bigger fan! It’s about to take her face off. . .

I’m staring to think that Celeste is getting more fans than Miley!

Everyone appreciates her efforts and her ability to take these pics to the next level. We all want to watch Celeste go over the top with every pic and so far, she has completely. Therefore, we are sure to find her in another, compromising position all for the sake of a good celebrity mock! Thanks Celeste for doing whatever it is that you do in order to keep us entertained and laughing about this whole thing.

30. Kim Kardashian

Kim tries to make herself look so casual and Celeste finds a way to mock it right up!

Are we supposed to believe that this really happens?

That’s because we can no longer tolerate these celebs acting like their life is this interesting to begin with. So, you’re walking around at night and trying to convince others that this is just what you do. According to Celeste, it’s zombie-like behavior and we have to agree with her on that respect. These celebs are really just doing what they are told and are probably trapped by their own surroundings. Celeste, on the other hand, is free to do whatever she wants!

31. Victoria Beckham

This former Spice girl is still turning our heads but in this pose, she seems about as ridiculous as Celeste throwing her fancy foot up on her dining room table.

This girl has got some flexibility!

This is one thing that will turn other’s heads. A woman who can throw her leg up that high is bound to gain herself some recognition. Even so, the way this celeb is doing this is so ridiculous that we can’t help but wonder what she is even good for these days. I mean, her Spicy career was over a long time ago and now, this is all that she has left to do with her time. It’s a crazy way to spend it, for sure but that’s they way life goes and now, Celeste has a new celeb to mock!

32. Kendall Jenner

Another great (almost) recreation. Kendall just makes it seem more appropriate to wear a wreath around her face!

Is it Christmas?

For many celebrities, it’s Christmas everyday of the year and for that reason, there’s really nothing to look forward to. In a way, it’s sad because we can only appreciate what is given to us and yet, when we have an abundance of time and money, then this is what happens. . . None of which adds up to a whole lot in the scheme of things. We have to wonder if these celebs are getting a new perspective on themselves when they see Celeste mocking them like this!

33. Emily Ratajkowski

I guess everyone has their favorite corner of the house (on the outside) where they play hide and seek.

We just hope she’s not eating whatever she finds in this corner!

Most of these celebs probably never step foot outside of their home unless they are being photographed and if you think about it, that is the only time that we are able to see them. However, to go outside and find this corner of the lot in your swimsuit so that you can hold a piece of fruit is really stretching the adventures which are considered to be normally. This, is extremely abnormal but this celeb doesn’t seem to mind or care one bit. Weird!

34. Kim Kardashian

Not sure why swatting by the trash is a thing but that’s probably why Celeste decided to mock it.

Another disaster of a photo carefully recreated by Celeste!

First of all, Kim is not the kind of lady who would step a foot near and outdoor garbage can but for whatever reason, she was convinced that this is what her people need to see and for that reason, Celeste probably couldn’t help herself when she decided on this one to recreate. It’s not that we don’t appreciate the efforts that Kim makes to give us something new but it’s just not what we are looking for from her. I wish she could understand this!

35. Bella Hadid

This photo has us all wondering if Celeste really does enjoy doing these photos because she seems really into this one!

None of this can be easy!

In this one, she appears to be enlisting the help of another friend of hers which is something that we like to see as well. This means that there are others who are willing to contribute to her cause and in this case, it should cause us all to make fun of this celeb immensely! There’s just no reason to post such nonsense and yet, here we are witnessing it which only fuels Celeste to keep recreating more magic moments.

36. Chrissy Teigen

It looks like drinking is how Celeste finds her inspiration and motivation to keep this up!

Now, she is dazzling us with some of her home cooking!

There’s really nothing that Celeste can’t tackle when it comes to these mocking photos. She seems to have a real insight on what needs to be said about these things and that is the fact that nobody stands around so casually beautiful in their home doing these things! The whole thing is so contrived that it makes me sick.

The t-shirt and boobs:

Empowering // Brave #celestechallengeaccepted #celestebarber #funny #alexisren

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These look like the kind of boobs a kid would draw on some construction paper! There’s nothing pretty or even cute about them!

Enter Celeste!

Now, the pic makes perfect sense! There’s nothing wrong with filling in the facts, Celeste. So, most boobs are saggy, so what? The point is, we really can’t tell either way what is going on with these photos. It’s almost too much to grasp! However, we love the effort and we appreciate the laughter in our lives.

Jessica Simpson:

No everyone can stick their heads out of a moving car and make it look as good as Jessica does!

This is a real challenge and it was well done!

Thankfully, Celeste is there to give us another dose of reality when it comes to these photos. It’s really a challenge to come up with something new each time but she manages to make it a new experience for us, every time. She does a great job in making us laugh at her and she has no problem being the butt of the joke in the process.

Forget something?

Here we can see that a T-shirt under a swimsuit is a new trend, but is it really? Now that we get a look at what Celeste is doing with this look, we can all agree that, no matter what your body style is, the T-shirt just has to go! There’s nothing flattering or interesting about it. Celeste if the first to notice this and so has us laughing at her efforts to recreate it in her own, special way.

That which doesn’t kill you, only makes you stronger!

But so many of us are just dead inside and so we have no way of making ourselves whole again. Even so, Celeste is here to calm the storm and make sure that there’s nothing wrong with continuing with the laughter in our lives, no matter how dead inside we feel. She might be responsible for keeping us alive with laughter and we absolutely thank her for it.


Getting up for some air!

Okay, this is an awkward scene all on its own but then Celeste comes in and manages to make it appear so much worse! My favorite part is the look on her partner’s face who just can’t seem to handle all of the womanhood that Celeste has to offer! I’m sure they’ll make it through, in time.

I’m sure that her man didn’t mean to not appreciate her efforts to spice things up!

In most relationships, these efforts are greatly appreciated and we can only hope that they are willing to go the distance, despite the awkward encounter that it appears they are about to have.

Stogie or banana?

So far, Kim seems to be a key target for her and that’s probably because she’s putting herself in these ridiculous situations. We don’t think that it’s cute to smoke a cigar and so Celeste finds another way to make it all work out in her favor.

Just the idea of a banana is pretty weird!

However, we know that this is what Celeste does best and that’s making fun of those who can’t seem to make fun of themselves. In that way, she is doing us all a great service!

Wine anyone?

Well, most of us are feeling the aftermath of the wine and so Celeste decides to show what it might be like the next morning.

If you can’t make fun of yourself then you can’t run a country!

It’s just a neat way to gather your senses before making any big decisions.

A gross way to kiss!

This is pretty gross to begin with but then when you see the recreation that she came up with, it kind of makes us sick to our stomach but nobody wants to see this either way.

We prefer it when celebs just keep this sort of stuff to themselves.

A casual morning in bed!

This goes to show that celebs really want us to believe that this is what their life is really like.

It’s close but not quite like this!


The real truth about trust in a relationship.

For many of us, this is how it really is!

It might be shocking to some but the truth usually is!