Here Are Some Unseen Snaps Of Ellen DeGeneres!

Here Are Some Unseen Snaps Of Ellen DeGeneres!

She started off as a comedian and then she had her own sitcom from 1994 to 1998 in which she was a gay women which was still pretty controversial back then. So, you can easily see that she was setting the standards of her own career and now, we know her today from her brilliant, self titled talk show ‘Ellen’ which has been going strong since it came into our lives. She is known as a funny, easy to talk to kind of lady who loves to dance and is living the life that she has probably always dreamed of. No one has ever come along with this kind of fame and success on a talk show since Oprah. Ironically, she ‘came out’ when she was a guest on the Oprah show and Oprah even did a cameo appearance on her television back in the 90s. Now, we can see her with her beautiful wife of that last 9 years, Portia, and when the paparazzi does get close to her, she response appropriately. She’s often even funny, just as we would expect her to be. See for yourself:

She’s giving the camera a smile:

She looks just as great without all her makeup on. She doesn’t seem to mind being spotting without it on.

She likes taking a pic right back atcha!

This is just what she does. We think it’s funny and it gives the paparazzi a taste of their own medicine.

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