Here Are Some Unseen Photos Of Katie Price She Didn’t Want You To See!

Here Are Some Unseen Photos Of Katie Price She Didn’t Want You To See!

The world first knew her as ’Jordan’ but now, we call her Katie Price and she wears many hats including television personality, model, author, singer, designer and an overall businesswoman. She has practically branded her own image and she also does all that she can to keep it up and going. That means that she’s often getting cosmetic procures done because she feels that this will keep her in the spotlight that she had worked so hard for and now she feels like it’s her job to maintain it. Unfortunately, it’s all starting to make her look weird and even the public is beginning to notice how often she goes under the knife. It has become something that she is pretty famous for. Of course, we have seen celebs to this sort of thing and it really it really does them even more popular than before, especially when they get breast augmentations. So, we have to wonder who she’s doing all of this for, us or herself? Let’s take a look at Katie through the eyes of the paparazzi. You will be surprised by some of the things that you see:

Pumping her own gas:

She’s the kind of girl that knows how to get things done on her own.

She’s a loving mother.

When she is with her family, she’s all smiles.

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