This Simple Workout Can Help You To Lose Six Pounds A Week

This Simple Workout Can Help You To Lose Six Pounds A Week

If you’re looking to lose weight then you’re going to want to look at two things, your diet and your exercise routine. Now, there a million ways to sort out your diet, but getting into an exercise routine can be difficult, especially if you don’t have any guidance. That’s why we’ve found this simple, ten minute work out that you can do in the morning to energise your body and help you to lose weight.

1. Pillar With Ropes

This is a really simple way to start. Just imagine that your body is a pillar and your arms are ropes, tied to the pillar. Keep your legs shoulder width apart and your arms outstretched. As the pillar that is your body turns, your arms swing freely around it, stretching out your hands and shoulders. Do this for as long as you can and keep the amount of repetitions you do divisible by six (so six, twelve, eighteen, etc.).

2. Heron pose

For this one, all you have to do is stand on one leg with your other leg bent in front of you with your thigh parallel to the ground and your toes pulled towards you. Bring whichever arm is on the same side as your lifted leg forward and bend it slightly. Hold this pose for at least ten seconds whilst remembering to breathe, then repeat with your other arm and leg. This exercise seems simple but will help with your balance.

3. The roller

This next exercise concentrates on your back, specifically your spine. Sit on the floor and cross your legs in front of you, grasping your feet with both hands. Roll onto your back by leaning backwards and then roll yourself back into the original starting position. Make sure to do this exercise at least twelve times, you’ll find that this exercise strengthens your spine and improves the blood flow around your spinal cord.

4. The hammer

Next, we have another great spine exercise, the hammer. For this one, lie on your back and hug yourself around your shoulders. Make sure that your arms reach as far around your back as you can. Gently lift your torso from the floor and make tapping motions with your back onto the floor. You should do this at least 12 times, make sure you do this for as long as you feel comfortable.

5. Tightening Stretch

This is a simple stretch, but it is essential you do this right after the roller and hammer exercises. While lying on your back, interlock your fingers and bring them up over your head, stretching your arms above you as far as they will go. Keep your toes pointed and hold this stretch for as long as you feel comfortable.

6. Candle Pose

This is another pose that is great for improving your blood flow, and it’s one you may have seen in many yoga videos. Start by lying on your back and slowly lift your legs towards the ceiling until they point straight up, like a candle. Use your arms and hands to support your back and make sure to point your toes toward the ceiling. Do this for as long as you feel comfortable and gently lower yourself back to the floor.

7. Sphinx and cobra poses

This exercise consists of both the sphinx and cobra poses and is designed to strengthen your back and make your spine more flexible. Begin by lying on your stomach, looking forward with your torso raised and arms out in front of you, like the Egyptian sphinx. Next, look upward and arch your back, lifting your torso from the floor with your hands, this is the cobra pose. Return to the sphinx pose and repeat at least 6 times.

8. Child’s pose

Another popular yoga staple, this pose is great for stretching and relaxing your back, and is also a very comfortable pose to do. Sit on the floor with your hips and butt over your heels and then lean forward, stretching your arms above your head. Stay like this for as long as you feel comfortable.

9. Spinal Twist

Sit on the floor with your legs bent, lift your left leg and place your foot on the ground over your right thigh. Turn your torso to the left, placing your right hand on the ground behind you and hold. Turn back and repeat this exercise on the other side for a stretch that will improve mobility in your spine.

10. Bends

Stand with your feet a little further than shoulder width apart, with your arms straight out from your sides. Bend to the left with your arms still outstretched and hold the pose, then return to the starting position and do the same thing to the right. Next, bend forward with your arms still outstretched and touch your right ankle with your left hand, and your right arm extended above your head, then return to the starting position.. Repeat on the opposite side.

What do you think of our simple but effective exercise routine that can help you to lose 6 pounds a week? Are you dying to try it for yourself, or would you rather not? Do you have your own exercise tips to share with us? Let us know what you think in the comments and don’t forget to share this article with your family and friends!