This Plus Size Model Recreated Celebrity Photos To Promote Body Positivity and looks INCREDIBLE

This Plus Size Model Recreated Celebrity Photos To Promote Body Positivity and looks INCREDIBLE

“Once you accept who you are the power is in your hands to make a change in your world” 


We’ve lived in a cruel, image obsessed society for too long now. That may sound like a dire, depressing way to describe it- but it’s true. The media is constantly telling us what we should and shouldn’t look like, what waist to hip ratio is the most desirable, what the perfect bra size is, what body shape looks best in what- it’s EXHAUSTING. Back in the 90s when heroin-chic was all the rage, it was fashionable to be stick thin, but now with the Kardashians on the scene, thick thighs and huge butts are all everybody is talking about- how on earth are we supposed to keep up? It’s a whirlwind. 


The truth is, we’re all built differently and we need to start realizing that it’s perfectly normal to NOT look like those girls in the magazines, because half of the time, even the girls in the magazines don’t look like that- they are airbrushed and Photoshopped within an inch of their lives. It’s time we all stopped stressing about cloning everybody else and coveting celebrities and runway models because the chances are, in 5 years time, a whole new ‘body shape’ look will be ‘in’ and the current one will be ‘out’ anyway… 


I know it’s easier said than done to just be confident- body and self esteem issues are problems which have unfortunately been ingrained within us from a young age. However, it’s the small changes which are ultimately going to start making a huge difference for the future generations of girls. 

It’s important for young girls to understand that having a slim figure with tiny hips and small boobs isn’t ‘boyish’ or ‘unattractive’, and being curvier with a ‘muffin top’ and the odd stomach roll isn’t ‘disgusting’ or ‘a turn off’- two people can have completely different builds and be equally as healthy and attractive as one another. So, PLEASE let’s stop with the freakin’ BS, okay? It’s damaging and regressive. 

It’s always refreshing to see photos of women embracing their “flaws”, so when plus-size model Diana Sirokai uploaded untouched photos of herself recently to Instagram in a bid to promote body positivity, we just had to share her gorgeousness with the world. 

The 5ft 1in, 13st beauty sparked likes, shares and comments all over the Internet by stripping off for her own versions of famous celeb poses — such as this interpretation of Gigi Hadid’s nude photoshoot for shoe designer Stuart Weitzman’s spring collection;


Wearing nothing but black ankle boots, Londoner Diana, 21, copied the US model’s pose by sitting on the floor with an arm wrapped around her bust and one leg tucked beneath the other, sparking 23,000 Instagram likes in just a week! Wow- and we can see why! 

Diana is also against promoting only curvy women as ‘real women’. She has the belief that all women are beautiful, no matter their body shape, she said: “Gigi is such a stunning young woman. I think her beauty is mesmerizing and a lot of girls that look up to her feel like they could never be like that.”

Diana posed in a skimpy one-piece outfit similar to Kim’s and captioned her post: “WE ARE BOTH WOMEN with DIFFERENT BODIES.” and of course, thousands of comments quickly flooded in from around the world. Most were positive and praising the model, however there was a small minority of negative comments towards the plus-size model, proving that we still have so much further to come in terms of acceptance and well, just being kind to one another; 


It’s not the first time that the model has stripped off and bared all. Diana often shares photos showing off her body (stretch marks and all), and there’s no denying that she looks incredible and is bursting with body confidence;

However, Diana hasn’t always possessed this amazing body confidence. In an interview earlier this year, the Insta model confessed 
“Instagram has always made me feel insecure. All I could see were these amazing bodies that we idolize, and I felt like I couldn’t post in bikinis because I don’t look like that.”. This was also the same for fashion in general Diana admitted; 
“Fashion has always bothered me, as I could never find clothes that fit me even when I was really young. I always questioned why. Growing up, in my early teenage years, I decided to study fashion and understand the industry more so when I grow up I can change it.” 

Diana has done just that and more. She is now a body-positive activist, model and influencer who just can’t stop going viral. 

“Once you accept who you are the power is in your hand to make a change in your world,” she wrote recently, “When you love yourself you will feel blessed. Being confident is unexplainable blessing. Feeling confident is the key for everything! I cant say it enough! I am a plus-size girl but … I am here to talk to EVERYBODY! Confidence is the key!”. 

We cannot agree with her enough. 

Ladies, it’s time to start loving the skin we’re in. Life’s too short. 

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