This Is How Everyone Is Handling The Kanye West Tweet Fiasco!

This Is How Everyone Is Handling The Kanye West Tweet Fiasco!

Social media is definitely the place in which many people post their unabashed opinions about life and even politics. So, when Kanye West took to Twitter to post about some pretty oddball stuff, some say that it was another public breakdown. This happened on April 20, 2018, when he posted a series of tweets that can only be looked at with eyebrows raised. In those tweets, he wanted the world to “strive for universal consciousness not segregated consciousness.” Well, there’s something to be said about putting words together! Nobody is ever quite sure what this guy means to say when he says it. He also had this to say, “style is genderless”. Well, another pointless connection of words but then it took another turn completely just five days later when he started talking about Donald Trump and claimed that he and Donald were “brothers” who shared the “dragon energy”. Now, he’s just getting downright Game of Thrones on us all! What is he talking about?

Many of those who listen to anything that Kanye says also know that he’s a bit off his rocker. First of all, he has a pretty inflated opinion of himself which we can assume as to do with his status in this life. Of course, many people who hang out in a world like him must believe that they are pretty special but when it gets to the level of him believing that he’s been chosen by higher powers to deliver a message to the people, then we can clearly understand that this guy is bat crazy! He’s been known to do this often and so this ranting wasn’t completely unexpected but most black people don’t align themselves with a president who has been known to have ties to racist groups. For this reason, people were shocked by this and not just the public but also his family and friends as well.

Kim was quick to defend her man:

Well, what else is she supposed to do? What she really did was more like damage control and we have to wonder if there are people in their lives who actually do this for them? I honestly don’t believe that these celebrities are online all day, everyday, posting about every thought and whim that they have. Even the president doesn’t do this! He often has a member of his staff put out such statements for him. Therefore, there must be some sort of person who is letting Kim know that he Tweets now are essential in order to gain control of the message that Kanye was clearly intending on putting out in the world. My only question is: where was Kanye’s PR person when he took to Twitter over this nonsense?

Her response to his claims about him and Trump:

No, he didn’t say he agreed with his politics but he did say that they shared the same “dragon energy”. However, it’s not clear why this wasn’t specifically addressed because those words alone are not “opinions” but they are crazy! Who in their right might would even bring dragons into the conversation? Many people still speculate on Kanye’s state of mind and when he has these sorts of outbursts on social media, it becomes clear that there’s still something wrong with him because normal people just don’t act in this fashion at all. This is why many people are bashing his comments online.

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