These Pictures Will Make You Look Twice To See What’s Really Going On!

These Pictures Will Make You Look Twice To See What’s Really Going On!

You can’t go anywhere without being photographed, and chances are, you don’t go anywhere without taking a bunch of pics yourself. Everyone and their grandmother’s senile friend Hazel has a smartphone these days, and since you never have to worry about paying to get the film developed or running out of film or even storage space, it’s pretty common to take pictures of anything that might be mildly interesting.

And that’s kind of cool, in a way, because we end up with pictures of all kinds of weird stuff. Sometimes a pic gets snapped at just the perfect moment to catch something unusual, or to create an interesting illusion. (Of course, sometimes your sister-in-law posts 176 pictures of the same damned sunset, but that’s a problem with your sister-in-law, not the technology.)

Your brain experiences life with certain expectations, and when something takes those expectations and shakes them up, it’s hard to know what to make of what you’re seeing. Is that the bicycle seat the guy’s sitting on, or is he a little too excited to be biking? Is that just an innocent statue, or is it doing what I think it’s doing? Some of the weird accidental pics you snap are a matter of just the right angle, and they end up being just dumb fun to look at. Other times you see something in real life that was intentionally placed by a human being and can’t for the life of you figure out why it’s there. (Check out the basketball hoop pictured below that hangs out from the roof of a building several stories above the ground.)

Whatever the circumstances, this is a collection of photos from around the internet that will make you do a double-take. If they don’t, then maybe you just have too little imagination. Or too much.

Quick Fix Chair

Whatever happened to putting a book under the short leg of a wobbly table or chair? If you look closely you’ll see that the surface you’d actually sit on (assuming you would ever want to sit on this, for any reason) is level with the ground. That doesn’t make up for the simple fact that this chair exists. This is not OK! We assume that it’s a piece of abstract art and not meant for sitting, but it makes our eyes hurt, so it’s failing at two different jobs.

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Where Did Little Jimmy Go?

“There are no atheists in foxholes” is a popular saying, but we’re sure there’s no god down there, either. What’s really disturbing about this image is that this hole looks like it’s at the bottom of a sandbox as if it’s meant to be a hatch for buried treasure for the kids to find. Or maybe it’s a place for them to play¬†Lost? Sadly, there’s bound to be no Desmond down there. Only nightmares.

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Canine Camouflage

You know those families who love their dogs so much that they dress them up like they’re a member of the family? Or take family portraits that include the pets? Well, this family apparently loved their little pooch so much that they bought a house with carpeting that matched Fido. Maybe it’s a way for the pup to ambush would-be burglars. In reality, we think this coincidence probably just results in this poor little guy getting stepped on.

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