These Males Stars Left Their Wife For A Younger Women!

These Males Stars Left Their Wife For A Younger Women!

It’s just one of these things that people are used to seeing and that is men who leave their wives for a newer model. Also, this happens more often than not when they are a star and that’s probably because they are pretty wrapped up in their own image that they feel compelled to do so. It might also be that these younger women are throwing themselves at him and over time, he simply cannot resist. Therefore, you are about to see how often this has happened in the lives of these superstars.

The hardest part is being the woman who is left behind because the only crime that they committed was getting old and when seeps in, it must be devastating. It’s also too bad that this is the only real indicator of a woman’s value in today’s world. Especially since “getting old” apparently happens when a woman is in her 40’s which means she will have to spend the rest of her life being sad about her age and how it messed up the love that she thought she had in her life.

The fact is, any man who is doing this is not much of a man at all and we cannot help but wonder what it must be like for them when they realize that they are not truly loved by these young women for who they really are and that it mostly has to do with their money or their status in this life. However, sometimes that stuff doesn’t last for long and if it happens to go away, perhaps they might be missing the only real thing they ever had in their lives and that was the love of a good woman.

Now, let’s take a look at those who ditched their older wives and picked up a newer, hotter one to replace her:

Ronnie Wood

This rock n’ roll icon of the Rolling Stones did what most rock stars do in time and that leaves his wife who he met in 1977 and married in 1985 for a younger lady much later. At which time, it was so long Jo and hello 18-year-old cocktail waitress Ekaterina Ivanova who had no problem jumping in and taking over the roles of being his wife at this young age. Honestly, he looks like a shoe at this point so it’s safe to say that she didn’t marry him for his looks and I’m sure she’s no cocktail waitress anymore! His poor wife, Jo, even had the pleasure of being introduced to her by Wood, how humiliating!

His ex-wife wrote a tell-all book and auctioned off his memorabilia.

Her collection was the result of four decades spent with this man and it included clothing, tour paraphernalia, and even guitars! That must have brought her some cool cash! In fact, one guitar made her over $60,000 dollars. So, thankfully, she was able to cash in on her relationship years after the heartache that he thrust upon her because, in the beginning, her love for him probably had nothing to do with money but once her love was tossed aside like a rag doll, she didn’t think that this stuff mattered to her so much anymore. So, she made a profit and it hopefully able to move on with the rest of her life.

She was probably pretty bitter about the whole thing.


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