These Hollywood Stars Actually Started Out On British Tv Shows

These Hollywood Stars Actually Started Out On British Tv Shows

I guarantee that you will recognize everyone on this list and that is because they worked hard to become the famous Hollywood stars that they are today. However, we often forget that this may have taken some time to achieve and therefore, even got their big breaks overseas before conquering the west. However, before that was able to happen, they got their first, big breaks on British TV shows.

We all know that Britain is famous for making very popular shows that last for many years and so it’s no surprise that the market may be saturated with stars who later receive opportunities to do even greater things. However, even if they were still doing Britain TV shows, that’s not a bad career move! Therefore, although these stars went on to do bigger roles, they are probably very grateful for their opportunities to make it in the land of British television.

So, if you are not familiar with the backgrounds of these actors and how they first got their start in the business, you will probably be surprised to see them in these role, especially today! That’s mostly due to the fact that they are so famous now that it’s hard to believe that these were their humble beginnings. We are glad that they continued to work so hard because they have managed to make some of our television and movie experiences divine! We really couldn’t imagine some of these roles played by anyone else but these people. For us, it seems like the perfect match and yet, we still have to appreciate how they got there to begin with. It just didn’t happen overnight with many of their career and all good things take time.

Now, let’s see which actors started off their successful careers in these British TV shows:

1. Andrew Lincoln

We all know him now from his part of ‘The Walking Dead.’ However, in 1994 he appeared in Drop the Dead Donkey and even in the movie ‘Love Actually.’ These roles were a good way for him to get his acting skills honed for the epic role that he was about to play in our lives. His character on ‘The Walking Dead’ has spawned many, great scenes that we probably would not be able to live without. We seriously cannot imagine the series existing without him which is probably why his character is still alive after so many have died on this show.

He was so sweet in this movie!

Although, he definitely should have said something sooner. . .This is the scene where he finally tells the girl that he’s madly in love with her. Of course, nobody knew this before she got married and yet, it became obvious to her after she watched his videotape of her wedding in which he focused mainly on her. Even then, he wasn’t clear about his feelings because (it was obviously too late) but he still felt compelled to show up and tell her in this dramatic scene. It was well played and uniquely adorable. We all wished to be admired like this!

2. Catherine Zeta-Jones

She played a role in The Darling Buds of May from between 1991 and 1993. However, we recognize her from other, big movies, including Oceans 12.

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