These Hilariously Passive Aggressive Lunch Notes Did Nothing But Create More Issues

These Hilariously Passive Aggressive Lunch Notes Did Nothing But Create More Issues

Have you ever looked in the fridge on your lunch-break, only to find your precious chicken sub has been half-eaten by some conniving a*shole?

Well, then you’ll know how incredibly infuriating it can be. If this has never happened to you then you’re lucky, but keep your eyes peeled!

For some angry individuals, the only way forward in this kind of situation seems to be avoiding any form of physical communication whatsoever. Instead, they leave passive-aggressive notes to really vent their frustration. It’s the best way after all, right…?

uh huh nodding GIF by Originals

WRONG. All it does is fuel the fire.

(If it were me, they’d be getting more than a note. Never come between a Grumpy Old Git and his food!)

Unfortunately leaving grouchy notes isn’t always the best way to solve a problem, as these people found out here. Their fellow co-workers didn’t exactly, let’s say empathise with their situation. Instead, they had their own responses and it makes for hilarious reading…

Check out the brilliant ways office workers wage war against each other through passive aggression!


1. When you just want to be taken seriously

Ah, the sarcasm is strong with this one.


2. “No Thumbtacks In Wall”

Talk about being facetious! Although this guy did have it coming, I mean pot calling the kettle black and all that…


3. “Remember when…”

Touche. The question is… who took the ice machine out of there in the first place. And who wrote the first note? And the second? The mystery continues…


4. “You are very strange”

To be honest, that is pretty weird. I mean, unless you’re one of these people that filters their water from home and then freezes it. Which, is very hygienic I suppose. It’s also a massive pain in the a*s! I think i’ll take my chances with tap water thanks.


5. “Is your name Dave?

Lesson #1: Don’t ask obvious open-ended questions, you’re just inviting a sarcastic answer.


6. “Today I had a tuna sandwich named Kevin”

This person doesn’t give a d*mn! In fact he’ll probably continue to eat the people’s food long after they all see this hilarious note.


7. “This pen is very scared and wants to go home”

You can’t help but laugh at the lengths some people are willing to go to in order to p*ss off their coworkers. This appeared the day after an email had been sent around the office complaining about a lost pen…


8. “Just take the whole slice”

I’ve been in this situation before; you see something you really want in the fridge, you know it’s not yours so you think to yourself “maybe if i just take a bit from the edge then no one will notice…”. Lesson learnt: people notice.



There’s a message this person’s trying to get across, I just can’t figure out what it is… Maybe it’s that Debbie is welcome to anything in the fridge? Well by the looks of it she must’ve thought so herself recently.


10. Straight to the point

Whoever wrote this one is on my wave length. Although, I wouldn’t bother with the note and just say it to their face instead. Some say I can be an angry man, I say i’m completely justified.


11. Sorry, not sorry

This person’s looking for a fight here, i’m sure of it. Despite that, i’m actually impressed at the level of skill required to write those ‘r’s with a ketchup bottle.


12. They’ll never know

Good effort but I think the lack of colouring-in might give this away as not being a real can. That’s the only thing though. Unfortunately, the owners going to be pretty p*ssed, because Red Bull is bl*ody expensive these days!


13. “Please enter SLOWLY

Well if the sign says so…


14. “It’s so beautiful”

Well, that’s what you get when you’re incredibly possessive over, wait for it… a mug. I mean there are more important things in life.


15. “Poison Curry”

Yes, that’ll work! Nobody will ever think “why would there be poison curry in the fridge?”. Good job.



First of all, eurgh gross! Second of all, why not go and actually tell the cleaners about it. It can’t have been bothering you that much for it to sit there for so long. People these days…


17. Sssssstay away

Simple but effective. Nobody is going to want to steal the contents of this tupperware and risk a venomous, potentially deadly bite from this reptile. I like it. Amazing how they stay so still isn’t it?


18. “Justice with a side of fries”

Somebody call CSI! Nothing is too theatrical when it comes to a case of stolen lunch. In fact the person who’s had their sandwich nicked by somebody else in the office has taken it in their stride remarkably well. I wonder if they ever found out who did it…?


There’s a real mixture of humour and serious aggression in that list. I suppose we all react differently to issues with our lunch in work. I guess it all comes down to how much you really love food, which in my case, is A LOT!

Have you ever experienced any petty sandwich crime in your work? Let me know in the comments!