These 13 People Look So Much Like Disney Characters It’s Uncanny

These 13 People Look So Much Like Disney Characters It’s Uncanny

Dreaming about what it would be like to be a Disney prince or princess is a natural part of many people’s childhoods… and in some cases their adult lives too. Not naming any names… (Me)

For most, that’s all it will ever be… a dream. But there are a select few out there that can take it that one step further. Now I’m not talking about the whole living in a castle thing, or going through a series of unprecedented, dramatic and emotional events only to come to a beautiful, happy ending. Not that boring stuff!


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What I’m talking about is actually looking like them. Ok, I’ll admit that it might not necessarily be the greatest thing without the added lifestyle, but hey it’s something alright! Unfortunately though, some people don’t actually look like the princes or princesses at all… In fact some people look more like the villains, who you’ll know if you’ve ever watched a Disney film, don’t always scrub up so well.

And some just look like characters you’d never really want to be associated with. Like Mr Potato Head for example: funny guy/potato but not so much of a looker…

Either way, there’s still genuine proof that disney characters are alive in real life (sort of). Check out this list and see what you make of these ‘lookalikes’!


1. Ursula

Believe it or not, the picture on the left is NOT in fact a reincarnation of the famous evil villain from The Little Mermaid. She’s actually a judge from the Ukraine. Now I know what you’re thinking and the answer’s yes… she does actively choose to look like that.


2. Scar

If you’ve ever seen an episode of Game of Thrones, then you might recognise the dude on the left. His characters name was Khal Drogo and he was pretty badass if not a little careless with knife wounds. Now tell me he doesn’t look remarkably similar to Scar from The Lion King! Alright, I’ll admit they aren’t exactly ‘doppelgängers’, I mean one of them’s a lion. But, there’s definitely some similarities.


3. Carl Fredricksen

HE’S REAL! He must be, they look so alike! Who doesn’t love the film UP? If you’re immediate response to that question was “me” then why?! It’s so heartwarming, plus you can now live with the knowledge that Carl isn’t just resigned to fiction. Bliss…


4. Mrs Potato Head

Make-up can be a cruel mistress. Then again, if you put that much on then what do you expect? The colors are actually so similar that i’m starting to think she’s actually done it on purpose. Who knows, maybe Toy Story is her favorite childhood film and Mrs Potato Head just so happens to be her idol? Doubtful…


5. Mr Potato Head

You know what they say: they don’t like to be apart. So we’ll keep them next to each other on this list too. I don’t think the smile could be any closer to an exact match between Steve Harvey and Mrs Potato head’s grumpier other half, let alone the rest.

6. Alfredo Linguini

Here’s that loveable chef from Ratatouille! I was wondering what he was up to these days. It’s nice to see the fame hasn’t gone to his head either.


7. Jafar

First of all, may the absolute genius that was Prince rest in peace. Second of all, I never knew he doubled up as the baddie in Aladdin?! A man of many, many talents it seems.


8. Flash

I’m not sure if looking exactly like a sloth is a compliment, but it’s something this girl will have to deal with anyhow. For those that haven’t seen Zooptopia, the one on the right is called Flash, or is it the one on the left…


9. Cruella De Vil

I see you there Cruella, trying to blend in with the crowd. It looks as if the villain from 101 Dalmatians has given up hope of catching those pups and turning them into an extravagant coat. Probably for the best, you needed to get with the times. Fashion’s moved on and all that.


10. Phil

Sorry Danny, but you can’t look that much like a Hercules character and not expect anybody to notice. Not exactly the character you’d probably want to look like either, but hey… he’s far too rich and famous to care I’m sure. And yes I do know he does the voice and so the appearance might be vaguely based on him. Doesn’t change the fact that there are better cartoon animations to be than a goatman…


11. Merida

Now this is more along the lines of what you want. Merida from Brave was strong and confident and didn’t need no man to… you know the rest.


12. Adam

Jean Sarkozy’s a handsome man, if I do say so myself. He also looks strangely similar to Adam from The Beauty and the Beast. A timeless classic and that’s definitely a timeless hairdo!


13. Russell

Who’d have thought it, the cute little wilderness explorer was real too? Carl will be so relieved. I think I preferred him with the spiky hair though…


Ok ok! So maybe I lied. If you’re going to get all technical about it, these people aren’t actually Disney characters. But they come bloomin’ close don’t you think?

Can you think of anybody else that looks remarkably similar to characters from your favorite Disney films? Let me know in the comments!

P.S. Have you seen these guys? CUUUUTE