These 8 Things Are What’s Wrong With The Music Industry!

These 8 Things Are What’s Wrong With The Music Industry!

People who were born before the turn of the century will know that the current state of popular music isn’t exactly going to go down as the best the world has ever had to offer.

Well, that’s my opinion anyway. Of course, you’re more than entitled to your own, but if it’s different to mine then you’re wrong!

Ok, I take that back. I mean, i’m not so grumpy that I refuse to admit that there are some pretty spectacularly talented artists out there today. But there are some things that just get to me about not only the songs being released nowadays, but the music industry in general.

It just doesn’t seem difficult in modern times to become a so-called icon, even if you’re about as talented as a wooden spoon!

Take a look at this list of things that bug me about the music industry today and see if you agree…


1. Talent? Have you seen my butt though?

Music seems to take a backseat whilst overt sexuality sits up front for many male and female artists. Ok, admittedly this isn’t exactly a new thing but it still needs pointing out. I mean I’ve got nothing against Rihanna walking around half-naked if she’s belting out stunning vocals in the process. But it’s no good if she sounds like a dying cat…

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2. Product placement everywhere

Music videos seem to revolve around focusing on whatever product is paying enough to take centre stage. It becomes pretty freakin’ distracting after a while and takes away from anything artistically choreographed! Not that there’s usually much of anything artistic anymore…

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3. People singing is actually a rarity these days

Whenever you watch Americas Got Talent or whatever that rubbish is called… there’s often a guest singer who comes on to plug their new song/album and is basically expected to show the contestants the sort of level they should be aiming for with regards to vocal ability. Except, half the time they only sing part of the song with a backing track doing the rest. Or in some cases… they don’t sing at all! Instead they just float around the stage looking pretty and doing little else. Give me strength!

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4. Radio brainwashes us

Do you ever hear something for the first time and think “what is this cr*p?!”, then after you’ve heard it on the sixth different channel for the 43rd time you all of sudden don’t think it’s so bad anymore? It’s as if playing a song over and over wears your resistance down to the point that you give up on having your own subconscious opinions and you just agree with whatever’s on.

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5. Music is harder to access

With the introduction and fast progression of the internet, it seemed as if music was easier to listen to than ever. But now it’s as if it’s gone backwards again with platforms like ‘Deezer’, ‘Spotify’ and ‘Apple Music’ all making songs exclusive to them. So, you have to sign up and pay for a subscription. I get that it’s just the way of the world now but it doesn’t make me happy about it!

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6. Everything has a sub-genre

People are obsessed with creating a new genre for their style of music, even if it’s only got the slightest of differences to a pre-existing one. It’s all about trying to be original and ‘hipster’ these days. And there’s nothing hipster about listening to music that’s not a brand new style apparently… I mean it’s good that it encourages artists to look to be different and push the boundaries, but it can mean that great music from current genres gets overlooked.

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7. Awful covers of classics

Current artists often try and do their own versions of best-selling songs by other artists, sometimes from decades ago. There are a few good ones doing the rounds, but there’s definitely hundreds of terrible ones. Also, why is it that people think that simply slowing a song down, using an acoustic guitar and adding a few “Woah-oh Woah-oh’s” all of sudden makes it an authentic and wholesome feeling cover. It’s sh*t!

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8. It’s all become a bit shameless

A huge amount of popular music these days seems to promote the wrong sorts of values. Such as: being rich and famous for having no discernible skill set is what you should aim for, objectifying women as pieces of meat is acceptable. Most of all it seems as if less is about hard work and more about trying to find that one catchy jingle that’ll get you on the fast-track to fame via the internet, as opposed to plugging away for hundreds of hours performing in small venues and slowly building up a respectable reputation.

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Now, a lot of these so-called issues have been around for a long while. And yes, maybe it has just provided me with an opportunity to have a good old moan. At the end of the day there’s very little I can do about the things that bug me about the music industry. But, it doesn’t mean I can’t complain about them all the same!

It’s also worth mentioning that there are some absolutely fantastic artists out there, who are incredibly talented, honest and genuine. 

What do you think of the list? Agree with any of them or completely disagree and think i’m talking complete rubbish? Let me know in the comments!