These 10 Ghost Stories Will Freak You Out, Especially #6!

These 10 Ghost Stories Will Freak You Out, Especially #6!

Who doesn’t love a good-old creepy ghost story aye?

Ok, I’ll admit that it’s an acquired taste. Much like those people who get a kick out of going to watch those terrifying horror films that give you sleepless nights for weeks. Each to their own I guess. Not for me though!

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Ghost stories have been around for nearly as long as, well ghosts I suppose. It’s hard to imagine a campfire without someone holding a torch close to their face and whispering a creepy tale just before you head to your tent to lay with your eyes open all night…

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Of course, most of the time they sound so far-fetched that you don’t really take them very seriously. Even those that have a more simplistic storyline tend to get ignored. Half of them you could easily explain after all, the fun is believing otherwise.

But every now and then, a tale comes along that sticks. Check out some of these ghost stories and see if you believe them yourself. Get ready to be creeped out!


1. San Antonio’s railroad children

This tale is from Texas, a state that has a fair few paranormal stories dating back decades… Apparently if you sprinkle flour on your car and leave it sitting on the train tracks in San Antonio something very spooky happens!

Children were supposedly playing on the tracks years ago before being hit and killed instantly. So nowadays if you do the same, the ghosts of the children will push you to safety. The proof you ask? Hand prints left in the flour all over your car. Whaaaaaat?!


2. Caught on camera

Britain has plenty of old, historical buildings that are renowned for being haunted. Pen-Y-Lan in North Wales is home to an old mansion that is a hotspot for a pair of child ghosts. The boy and girl frequently make visits to the window, and are often captured by camera as the picture shows… creepy!


3. Niles Canyon ghost

Fancy picking up a spooky spirit at the side of the road alone… at night? No? Me neither. But if you find yourself driving along the Niles Canyon in California you might spot a girl wearing a prom dress, stood still staring straight at you. There have been reports that people who have offered the girl a ride found that she vanished from the car minutes later. Seems a bit pointless…


4. TV ghost

This image was captured in Duarte, Pennsylvania. The family living at this home were reported to be haunted by two separate spirits, how’d they get so lucky?! Ghost number one was said to pace back and forth calling out for its mother. Ghost two would sit in the TV screen and stare out at the family as if it was trying to capture their very souls. If I saw that, there’d be a ‘for sale’ sign up first thing in the morning!


5. Random Victorian ghost child in the woods

Another one from across the ocean. This mom was taking a picture of her two sons playing in the trees when she noticed in one of the photos the figure of a child in victorian clothing.

“I couldn’t believe it when I looked closer at the picture and there was a child, standing with a wheel or a hoop in their hand. It has really freaked me out”.  You can actually see what looks like a hoop in the corner, although that could just be a loose branch… That face definitely isn’t a branch though.


6. The radiant boy

Bit of a gruesome one this. “Radiant boys” is the title given to a naked, glowing male ghost that appears suddenly from nowhere and leaves in the same fashion. They are supposedly so incredibly haunting that they are known as ‘portents of doom‘. That’s quite a nickname. Apparently, when an English Lord saw one, he was so scared he slit his own throat. Ouch!

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7. Sobbing child of Little Moreton Hall

The Uk just seems be a hotbed for paranormal tales. In Cheshire, England, people who find themselves in Moreton Hall at night have reported being able to hear a child named Specter, who wails and sobs through the early hours of the morning in the chapel. Why would you ever want to be in a chapel in the middle of the night anyway? ESPECIALLY after reading this!

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8. Crybaby Bridge

I have a feeling this story’s going to have me crying like a baby…

There are bridges across America that share the same name. At all of them you can apparently hear an infant ghost, well crying obviously. The clue’s in the name. One particular bridge in Alderson, Oklahoma has the scariest tale of them all though. A young women was apparently raped by her own father and he would then throw their unwanted children off said bridge at night away from suspecting eyes. That’s horrid.


9. Children of New Orleans

New Orleans is well-known for being home to tonnes of ghosts. The Andrew Jackson hotel in the city center is one of the most famous. Back in the 19th century a large fire in the building took the lives of many people. Of those people were five children. The hotel is still fully functional today after being completely refurbished, but that hasn’t stopped guests reporting multiple sightings of child ghosts looking lost and sobbing whilst walking around the halls at night. No thank you!

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And finally… There’s no date or geographical origin to this story so it’s not ‘officially’ included in the list but it’s worth sharing:

A boy’s grandfather once told him a tale of how he was sat outside the front of his house on a chair when he heard his wife’s voice repeatedly calling him from inside their home. The thing is though, his wife had been dead for years. However, the voice was so convincing that he went in to investigate anyway. As soon as he stepped into the house he heard a huge bang as a piece of metal guttering fell and crushed the chair he was just sat in. If he hadn’t have gotten up, he would have been seriously injured or even killed. His wife is still looking out for him from the grave it seems… That’s it I’m done!

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Well, it’s safe to say I’ve definitely creeped myself out after reading these. Some of them are seriously terrifying. As long as no ghosts try and visit me in my own home, I think I’m ok with it though. 

Have you got any ghostly tales to share with the world? Let me know in the comments!

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