These 10 Differences Between Cats And Dogs Will Have You Howling

These 10 Differences Between Cats And Dogs Will Have You Howling


Are you cat or a dog person?


It’s a pretty straightforward question to answer and most people will easily be able to say one or the other. Of course, there’s no reason your answer can’t be that you like them both equally. One thing that’s for sure though is they definitely don’t have equal personalities…

The relationship we have with our pets, or our friend’s pets or even random creatures we come across in the street can vary a great deal depending on the animal in question.

Dogs, for example, tend to follow one simple theme; you show them love and affection and they’ll love you back unconditionally.


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Cats, however, are not quite the extroverts in loyalty and devotion. In fact, most cats are far more bothered about where they can get their next meal. Which means you often see the furry felines bouncing from one back garden to the next pinching whatever food they can get their paws on.


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Yet the debate will forever rage on as to which is actually the better pet to own. If you’re a low maintenance kind of person and aren’t the type to happily shower your pets with soppy affection every five minutes then a cat might be the way to go. But if you’re looking for a companion that will be at your side through thick and thin and get excited at the very thought of your arrival home from work… then a dog perhaps is the way to go.

Either way, the obsession we can have with our pets can sometimes verge on the unhealthy but we don’t care. If Kitty’s going to lie there looking cute, then I’m going to take 3000 pictures of her and there’s nothing anyone can do to stop me!


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The two species can have very different character traits though and sometimes it can be hilarious comparing them. Take a look at the list I’ve compiled of the differences between our beloved cats and dogs and see if yours do the same!


1. Water is a love/hate relationship

You’ll be hard-stretched to find a dog that doesn’t love water or at least isn’t even a little bit intrigued by the fun you can have with it. If given the opportunity they’ll go about having the absolute time of their lives like this guy here:

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Cats on the other hand probably couldn’t think of many things worse than being soaked through as this cat shows by looking disturbed right through to his core:

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2. Guilty?

If you own a dog, you might be familiar with this one. Dogs are inquisitive and playful creatures, and sometimes that piece of newspaper or that giant bin bag is just too freakin’ tempting to resist ripping to shreds.

It can be infuriating as an owner but what can you do? As soon as you raise your voice or even just give them the old “I’m not angry I’m just disappointed” look, the puppy dog eyes come out and you’re a sucker for forgiveness.

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Cats, on the other hand, aren’t really bothered… about anything… ever. Nor do they ever seem to show any signs of remorse- “the human will clean this up”.

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3. Affection

Dogs are affectionate by nature and give reason to their title of being “a man’s best friend”. They’ll lick you, wag their tails, occasionally hump (with good intentions) and whine and whimper at your every movement. Where you go they go because they’re just happier when you’re around. Plus they love a good head scratch!

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Cats love a good head scratch too plus that sweet spot at the bottom of the spine goes down well… but only on their terms, when they’re ready.

To be honest, if they’ve not come to you, chances are they might not want anything to do with you at all.

“Can you not?”


4. Playtime

Dogs love to play in groups! It’s not a new phenomenon to see a dog dragging his owner at break-neck speed down the street having locked eyes with another furry friend. Look at these guys, just love life!

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Cats aren’t always so playful and could be considered slightly more solitary animals in comparison…



5. Greetings



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Cat: “Didn’t even realize you’d left… got any food for me?”

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6. Snow

A dog in snow is like the cookie monster in an Oreo factory. They really do manage to find so much fun in the simplest of environments. It’s like a snowday off school every single time.

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There are, of course, those less enthused about the magical white powder that falls from the sky and the general inconvenience it causes us. Not impressed in the slightest in fact.

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7. Walking

Let’s be honest, there probably aren’t many people that actually walk their cats on a regular basis, and for good reason. Dogs on the other hand absolutely love it! They thrive on open spaces and the exploration of the unknown.

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Cats mirror this in many ways and love the freedom that the outdoors bring, but they’ll be damned if you’re going to lead them there!

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8. Sometimes we’re just furtinure

Anybody else feel like once a cat has chosen your lap as their place of rest, you have to stay there for as long as it takes for them to move on? You could be there for hours but under no circumstances can you move! They’ll more than likely have had a long, hard day of doing very little.

Funny Cats Vs. Dogs Comics


9. Bathing

Always a hit and miss activity. Dogs generally tend to take well to water and although they might not enjoy you rubbing their intimate places with a soapy sponge, the job of cleaning them can often be a pleasant and enjoyable one.

Of course, this obviously isn’t the case for all dogs. Especially if they get so excited they flood the entire bathroom…

Cats do not like water and those that do would much rather express an interest in it in their own time. They also seem to take on a creepy, demonic appearance when wet. They are associated with the devil after all…

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10. Facial Expressions/emotions

You can tell a lot by just looking at a dogs face. They wear their hearts on their sleeve and you’ll know if they’re happy, sad, excited, frightened or just plain confused.

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Then there are the many faces of a cat. Oh did I say many? I mean there is the one face of a cat. Mind you, they wouldn’t be half bad at poker. It’s ok though, I know my cat still loves me… right?



At the end of the day; each and every cat and dog is different and wonderful in their own way. They mean the world to us and the bond we share means they are more than just pets, they’re our companions. We can still laugh at them from time to time all the same! 

Do you Acidheads prefer cats or dogs? Maybe you’ve got both or perhaps they break these common stereotypes… Let me know in the comments!

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