The World’s Most Bizarre Jobs. #12 is HORRENDOUS!

The World’s Most Bizarre Jobs. #12 is HORRENDOUS!

“Ah sorry I can’t come to that thing on Friday, I’m standing in a queue all day”. 

When asked what you wanted to be when you grow up, a lot of us responded with the stereotypical answers; 
“I want to be a spaceman”
“An adventurer and explore the world!”
“A firefighter” 
“A princess” 

However, I bet none of you responded with “I want to smell people’s armpits for a living or go to funerals and pretend to cry all day”
Of course, nobody would say this because nobody knows that these crazy jobs actually exist. Life doesn’t always work out the way we planned- you can have all the qualifications and opportunities in the world, but may struggle to get your foot in the door of your perfect career. Alternatively, perhaps you’ve embarked on your career path but feel that it’s not really ‘you’. Maybe you’re looking for something more unique and less stressful- like sleeping for a living. 

If you’re currently job seeking and are feeling slightly deflated about the prospect of another office job, then fear not- we’ve rounded up the world’s craziest careers for you to take a look through. Do any of these take your fancy? 

1) Professional Sleeper

DREAM job right there (no pun intended). We can’t believe that people actually get paid for doing this. There’s definitely no fear of being overworked or stressed with this one. Professional Sleepers doze off whilst scientists conduct research on sleep disorders. Where can we sign up?

2) Professional Stand-In-Liner

As long as long queues exist (which will annoyingly ALWAYS exist)- then these guys are never out of a job. Their job simply consists of waiting in line for people who don’t want to wait themselves. Freelancer Robert Samuel (above) has made a lucruative career out of this earning up to $1,000 a week! Unsurprisingly, his busiest time is when the new iPhone launches.

3) Professional Boyfriend

It’s became a popular craze in Japan for women to rent a boyfriend for the ultimate ‘boyfriend experience’. They’re turning their backs on the dating scene and marriage and investing in a ‘Host’ to take them on romantic dates, watch movies with them and cuddle all night long. This service comes at a price too- you’ll typically earn $890 minimum a night as a professional boyfriend. Woah!

4) Professional Pusher

Again, this unusual job exists in Japan. As a nation, Japan is notoriously hard working and busy so the job of a ‘professional pusher’ is exactly what it sounds like- they get paid to push people on to public transport so they nobody’s late for work. Can we please arrange for this to happen on the subway? Thanks.

5) Deodorant Tester

If you have a habit of poking your nose into other peoples business, then this could be the job for you! The purpose of a ‘deodorant tester’ is to smell other peoples armpits to test the odour fighting powers of different deodorants before adapting one to market. The next time you pick up a deodorant, think about what some poor soul has been through to earn it’s place in your bathroom cabinet.

6) Water Slide Tester

For those of you who have that Peter Pan element and refuse to grow up- we’ve found your perfect career. As a ‘water slide tester’ you get to splash about in water parks all day. Amazing! Their purpose is to check all aspects of safety and make sure the rides are absolutely safe. Don’t worry- there’s always medical insurance for those who break a bone or two.

7) Professional Wedding Guest

We’re back in Japan again for this one! Bride and Grooms across the nation hire ‘professional wedding guests’ to attend their wedding to boost the numbers of their guest list up and to basically sing their praises. For $127, an agent will attend a wedding as a guest. They deliver a heart-tugging speech for cost an extra $64 and a song or dance will set clients back a mere $32. As if wedding’s weren’t expensive enough?!

8) Vomit Cleaner

Slightly less glamorous then other careers we’ve mentioned so far but hey, someone has to do it.  Rollercoasters test the strength of your stomach and we all know that a lot of the time, the rollercoaster comes out on top. Therefore, amusement park owners have started hiring people who’s sole job is to clean up vomit. Why would anyone do this you ask? Well, free unlimited access to rollercoasters I suppose.

9) Paper Towel Sniffer

Obviously, the paper towel industry is huge and competitive- everybody needs these little babies. This is why paper towel manufacturers leave no stone unturned (or no roll unsniffed). Their job is to ensure that the rolls don’t smell foul before, during and after use. We do not want to know how they check for any unwanted smell after use. We’ll leave that up to your imagination.

10) Car Plate Blocker

In a bid to reduce congestion on the roads, Iran has employed a bizarre policy where cars with number plates ending in odd and even numbers are allowed on roads on alternate days only. Iranians hire ‘car plate blockers’ to walk behind their cars so that the cameras don’t capture their number plates. This is the point where you should probably realize that you have more money than sense.

11) Professional Mourner

This job started in China and is now making it’s way to the UK and US. A ‘professional mourner’ attends funerals and pretends to be friends or family of the deceased. We’re not just talking standing at the grave to make up numbers, these professional mourners take on fake identities and make up elaborate stories of how they knew the dearly departed and on average are paid $85-130 a day.

12) Gross Stunt Tester

Ever watched a reality show where one of the contestants have to take part in a gross forfeit and you’re sat thinking ‘omg is that safe?!’ Well, yes it is safe because it’s been tested out by these guys. Most people would eat a grasshopper and say ‘NEVER AGAIN’, but ‘gross stunt testers’ do this sort of thing pretty regularly. Rather you than me…

Will any of you be handing your resignation in today and embarking on any of these crazy careers? Let us know in the comments and don’t forget to share this with your friends.