The Queen Wants To Hand The Crown To Prince Charles, But Experts Want William Instead

The Queen Wants To Hand The Crown To Prince Charles, But Experts Want William Instead

As most of us already know, the Royal Family is one of the most powerful families in the world.

They get to do whatever they want, whenever they want. Who’s going to tell them no?

No one and no one is going to try and tell them what to do either!

I mean, would you like to tell the Queen of England that she can’t have another corgi?

No, you wouldn’t, because if you did you’d probably end up in the Tower of London with your head on a spike!

Honestly, I wouldn’t risk it!

But life isn’t all glitz and glamour when you’re a royal!

When your living in the Royal Household you have to follow a lot of weird and strict rules and guidelines.

You have to dress a certain way, avoid saying certain things.

Seriously, it’s a hard life being a Royal!

I don’t know if it’s all worth it.

It’s true that the Queen has two birthdays each year, they’re allowed to get married in Westminster Abbey, and they travel all around the world for work. But is it really worth being told what to do?

Personally speaking, I don’t think it is!

The Queen’s job is a very busy one. She’s got lots of things to do, a lot of people to talk to, but she’s also got a lot of people she has to listen to.

It’s a hard life being Queen.

What we often forget is that the Queen of England is in her 90s, way past retirement age.

And while there may be a plan for her death, there isn’t any sort of plan for her retirement.

It’s generally known but hasn’t officially been said that the Queen is looking to hand over her crown and enjoy her final years without the pressure and responsibility of the crown.

She’s been the Queen for decades, so I don’t think anyone can or would blame her for wanting to enjoy her life without being Queen.

But the big question about who will take her place as the next English monarch?

Well, for a lot of people have this is a very heated topic of conversation.

Queen Elizabeth has reportedly told her loyal and trusted circle that if in four years, she’s still on the throne then she request the Regency Act to be executed.

The Queen is 91 years old, and if or when the Regency Act is granted, she wants to grant Prince Charles the reigns to the throne.

But unfortunately, a number of people are set against the idea.

Technically speaking, Prince Charles is the next in line to the throne, so making him Prince Regent makes sense, right?

Not according to Robert Lacey, the historical consultant for the Netflix series The Crown.

Robert told The Daily Beast that it was an unlikely possibility.

“Prince Regent does not have happy connotations, having last been used during the madness of King George III. I don’t think that mechanism would get dusted off with any keenness at all.

“Being regent is far from being king, and the Queen knows that it would be nothing more than a temporary fix, and not a particularly pleasant one for her son. When Prince Philip dies or the Queen turns 95, whichever comes first, I believe the Queen will abdicate—the Palace will spin it as a retirement, but technically it will be an abdication—leaving Charles to become king while still in his early 70s.”

However, Robert predicts that Prince Charles’s ascension to the throne would be far from comfortable.

“He’ll still be the oldest person ever to ascend to the throne, which is far from ideal since polls have always shown most Britons want William and Kate to be their next king and queen.

“It could be a two-step process, with the Queen allowing a regency, and waiting a few years to abdicate. But again, that just complicates matters. Charles would grow restless awfully fast in the role of regent. He has been waiting his whole life for the Big Job, after all. At this late stage, it would be a little cruel to make him audition for the part. His whole life has been an audition.”

But the British public is also avidly against Prince Charles, and there are a lot of people who demand that Prince William is put on the throne instead.

What do you think about the Queen’s retirement plans?

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