The ‘Most Hated Woman In The World’ Has Evicted From Her Home

The ‘Most Hated Woman In The World’ Has Evicted From Her Home

I think of us would agree that people who work for the emergency services, people like police officers, firemen, and medics as well as ambulance drivers are heroes.

They’re there for us when we need them, they are our first port of call whenever there’s been an accident, and they are the people we rely on when we need assistance.

Without them, I think a lot of us wouldn’t even be here. I know there are a few times in my life where I probably wouldn’t be here without them, and I’m sure there are a few people who could also say the same thing.

One of the last things I would expect another person to do is write an angry note addressed to an ambulance driver who is responding to an emergency on their street.

When news of this incident first broke, people were confused why someone would write such a rude note an place it on the windshield of an ambulance.

Now, if the ambulance was just parked on her drive so they could have a chat and a cup of tea, I’d be a bit more understanding. But the ambulance in question is actually responding to an emergency situation.

The woman’s outburst has earned her the title of ‘most hated woman in the world’, something I think we all can agree on.

Kirsty Sharman is the woman in question, and as a result of her outburst, and continuing anti-social behavior, she has been evicted from her home for making her neighbor’s lives ‘hell’.

Kirsty Sharman left the note on the windscreen of an ambulance while the crew was attending an emergency situation in another house on the street.

The passive aggressive note that angered people all around the world read:

“If this van is for anyone but Number 14 then you have no right to be parked here

“I couldn’t give a shit if the whole street collasped [sic]. Now move your van from outside my house.”

This isn’t the first bad thing Kirtsy had done. It was just the latest in a long line of anti-social behavior that was starting to take a dangerous turn for the worst.

Thankfully for the residents of the street, she lived on, Kirsty has now been kicked out of her house in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire.

The court has imposed a closure order and the house has now been boarded up. The house will remain boarded up until the 21st June. At the moment Kirtsy has to use this time to find somewhere else to go.

As I said earlier, Kirsty’s note to the ambulance driver was just the latest in a long line of anti-social behavior.

According to Staffordshire Police, they have received more than a year’s worth of complaints against Kirsty from her neighbors.

The complaints range from noise disturbance, violence, abuse, and potentially harming someone on their street by trying to prevent an ambulance from attending a medical emergency.

The police brought a load of evidence to District Judge Timothy Boswell who approved the order to have Kirsty evicted.

Boswell said:

“The reported incidents include arguments, swearing, shouting, damage to property and abusive behaviour to others.

“There is an urgent need to address the behaviour that has been going on for months in and around 14 Parsonage Street.”

Kirsty was arrested on 18 February after the ambulance incident. Where she also verbally abused the ambulance crew while they were parked in the disabled bay outside her house.

At the time of the incident, Kirsty was already the subject of a restraining order that banned her from contacting the woman in need of medical assistance, Christine Heath and her husband, Brian.

After receiving a lot of backlash for her actions, Kirsty took to Twitter.

“Ya’ll going on like I hate the NHS ambulance service. Nahhh, I just hate the people in my street… it’s that simple.”

Christine’s husband, Brain claimed that Kirsty had thrown food at their door and that she had also abused them in the streets. I don’t think I would be able to live there if that happened!

Brain spoke out about the continuing issues with Kirsty:

“The police must have been up here 150 times in the past 16 months. I have lived here for 46 years and this has taken over my life.

“We have been told before that she would be evicted so I hope this means she will be gone.”

I think we can all agree that the street will be a nicer place without Kirsty there!

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