The Creator Of High Heel Brows Reveals What Was Going On In Their Head At The Time

The internet has brought about a new era for the beauty industry, more people than ever are interested in makeup and keeping on top of the latest trends. If you’re not sure how to apply your eyeshadow like a pro you can just hop on Youtube and have one of the thousands of beauty gurus out there explain it to you in minutes. Creative boundaries are being pushed by makeup fans every single day and the results they’re getting are fabulous! Well, most of them. There are some, shall we say, more unusual trends out there, and today we’re going to be looking at one of the weirder ones to come to light recently.

? Brows

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Nike brows? Who cares? McDonalds brows? Get out of town! Squiggle brows? Who needs you? Glitter brows? Get out of my face! Lightening brows? Go back to Harry Potter! High heel brows are here and they’re ready to stomp all over the competition on their way to get the weird brow trend crown. But do you know what the really weird thing about this trend is? The woman in that picture is a makeup artist named Megan Feather, and she has never had a high heel brow painted onto her face in real life. (As far as we know, anyway!)

? Brows @isabellaxchavez

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That last picture was Instagram model Isabella Chavez, also sporting the high heel brow look, but like Megan Feather, she didn’t choose to do this to herself. No, the real person behind the high heel brow trend is 19 year old digital marketing executive Stefan Oskys, who you’d be more likely to recognise as the owner of Instagram account SkyzEditz. Yes, Stefan is the real creative mind behind this weird makeup trend, he’s just using the faces of other Instagram celebrities as the models for his unusual and creative ideas.

High Heel Brow Tutorial ? @daisymarquez_

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As you can see from the video we’ve just shared, Stefan Oskys takes selfies he finds on instagram and doctors them using photo editing software to showcase his latest unusual idea.The high heel brow isn’t the first trend of Oskys’ to raise some eyebrows (gettit?) on the beauty scene. You may also know him as the creator of the fishtail brow, which is honestly one of the less crazy ideas he’s had. But what is it that spurs Stefan on to create these strange trends? In a recent interview with UNILAD, he revealed all…

Fishtail Brows ? what do you think? [email protected]

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UNILAD reached out to Stefan, who has over 141 thousand followers on his Instagram account, to try to find out what inspires him to make his crazy beauty dreams a reality. When asked about why he decided to choose a high heel brow, of all things, Stefan told UNILAD, “As for the high heel brow, I was inspired by Apple emojis! I was scrolling through them seeing what I could potentially create and saw the high heel and thought ‘That would so trigger everyone’, let’s go with that one.” So if this trend is driving you crazy then you’re probably just feeling exactly how Stefan wanted you to feel!

Grinch Brows ?

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But what about the Instagram models and celebrities that Stefan uses to make his visions come to life? Are they happy with him using their image to create these unusual beauty trends, well, Stefan thinks they’re on board! He revealed, “When it comes to beauty bloggers, I have had a crazy amount of support from those which I have edited. They really love the photos which I post and a lot of them share my stuff on their pages.” Looks like it’s all a-okay then! Although personally, I don’t think I’ll ever understand the need for coat hanger brows…

Coat Hanger Brows

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Don’t like Stefan’s creations? Well he doesn’t care! He sees his fair share of haters on his page and is used to people who don’t understand his vision. He continued, “I don’t really care about the comments on how my stuff goes against beauty standards. Editing is all about being creative and so is makeup. Who says there should be a norm? That’s like saying there should only be one sexuality or one race, I say let people be themselves and do their own thing and take your boring mainstream culture elsewhere.”

What do you think of the high heel brow trend? Do you think you would ever actually wear any of the strange brow trends that the internet has come up with? Do you have any ideas for weird brow trends of your own that you’d like to share with us? Let us know what you think in the comments and don’t forget to share this article with your family and friends!