The 17 Most Shocking Reasons Why People Were Fired From Their Jobs

The 17 Most Shocking Reasons Why People Were Fired From Their Jobs

Think you’ve had a bad day? Try getting fired for being in a coma 


No matter how much you dislike your job, getting fired is never the most ideal outcome. It’s stressful, awkward and can anger the hell out of you if you feel like the reasons were unjustified or unfair. If you’re reading this after being fired yourself from a job, you may feel like there will be a similar story in this article that you can relate to and find comfort in knowing that you’re the not the only one who has gone through this nightmare. Let me tell you now however, that isn’t going to happen. It’s very unlikely because the reasons that this lot were fired are so bizarre and so ridiculous that we can’t imagine that anyone else has EVER been in the same situation. Well, we hope not anyway. 

I know HR can be an absolute pain in the ass, but you’ll be thankful they exist after reading these unbelievable stories from real people at Whisper… 

1) “Today I was fired for refusing to have sex with my boss. I have never felt so disrespected in my life.”


WTF?! This is NOT ok. We’re glad you stood your ground girl. What a sleaze bag.

2) “I work at a daycare. I was fired for calling CSS because a kid has cuts, bite marks and bruises all over him.”

Taking care of kids at a daycare means you care about their wellbeing outside of that facility too. This person 100% did the right thing. It’s shocking that she was fired for this!

“I was fired for being in a coma because I didn’t ‘call up to tell them I was going to be off sick'”

We have no words for this. Their duty of care really is something else.

4) “I was fired for NOT doing cocaine with my boss. I worked at a tattoo shop doing piercings. Still one of the craziest stories I have to date.”

We can’t help but feel that this boss’s employee expectations were slightly backwards and regressive.

“I got fired because I started to gain weight and didn’t ‘fit in anymore’… I worked at Dunkin’ Donuts”

How do they expect their staff to be around donuts all day and not gain a little weight? This is crazy.

6) “I was fired for cussing at a dog. Well F-YOU management for your stupid corporate mentality”

I’m not going to lie, I don’t like the thought of anyone cussing at dog. They’re little fluffy balls of happiness. However, being fired for it? That’s a bit extreme…

7) “When I was in school, I worked in a library. I got fired for yawning too often, and it really said that as the reason on my pink slip.”

Doesn’t everybody involuntarily yawn when they walk into a library? It’s so quiet and peaceful…

8) “I was fired for the first time after my son was born. I had postpartum depression and told my employer and he fired me the same day. I live in an at will state and it’s legal. This threw my depression into a nose dive.”

This is so messed up. Nobody should ever be penalised for suffering from a mental illness. Remember to speak to somebody if you feel this way- this would NOT be allowed to happen in 99% of establishments.

9) “I was fired for taking too long to poop. Yes, they were his exact words.”

Ok, how long are we actually talking here?

10) “I was fired for sexual harassment for asking if a coworker was sunburnt”

Sexual harassment claims have to be taken seriously, but c’mon… this is hardly grabbing someone’s ass!

11) “I had a bacterial lung infection and was on bed rest for 2 weeks. According to my boss that ‘wasn’t a good enough excuse’ and I was told I needed to be in work the next day or I’d be fired. I was obviously fired.”

Some people are SO insensitive it’s unreal!

12) “I was fired because the managers new girlfriend needed a job and I was the newest one there so they fired me. She got fired two weeks in because she sucked at the job.”

Bet they regret letting him go now! Karma…

13) “I was fired for going to the bathroom too much during work. It was my first trimester of pregnancy with morning sickness…”

What an asshole.

14) “I got fired from my first firm because I beat the head attorney on a lead case!”

Talk about bitterness and insecurity. Imagine getting fired for excelling in work?!

15) “I was fired for having an anxiety attack at work. My boss was one of those people who still lives in the 1950s. He was racist and cruel.”

We can’t believe that people like this still exist. This is sad and so unfair.

16) “I was a model and I was fired after they found out I was trans.”

Discrimination of it’s lowest form. The employers clearly need to join the 21st century.

17) “I was fired for being ‘a contagious disease of negativity’.”

Wow. We suggest not putting that on your CV anytime soon.


Have you ever been fired for an unfair, ridiculous reason? Let us know in the comments- we’d love to hear your input!