The 12 Most Horrifying Fan Tributes Of All Time

The 12 Most Horrifying Fan Tributes Of All Time

Ah, the Internet does produce some gems from time to time…

Did you ever like an actor or singer so much that you were verging on obsession? You might have to think back to when you were in your youth… I can hardly remember that far back it was so bl*ody long ago!

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You might have thought they were just far better than everyone else in their field, you might have even fancied them a little bit. It doesn’t really matter. The question is would you have ever considered drawing them with the intention of mailing it off in the faint hope that they see it some day and get in touch to thank you for your masterpiece?

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No? Well some people think very differently.

It must be pretty flattering as a celebrity to receive fan art. It’s like the ultimate compliment that somebody would take the time out of their day to draw you specifically. Although if it were me, I think I’d rather they didn’t stick to the details too much.

Unfortunately for these fans, despite their best intentions, the tributes they made for their beloved icons probably made more of an impact on the internet than on the people they were intended for.

Here I’ve selected some of the most hilarious fan-art tributes, have a look and see if you adored these celebrities as much as these people did!


1. Tom Cruise, apparently?

When it came to drawing a portrait of their hero, it really was ‘mission impossible’. Sorry…


2. Jim Carrey

Some serious shading’s gone into this one and the result is… not great. In fairness, the hair’s pretty good and there’s attention to detail with the neck wrinkles, I’m no artist though.


3. Lisa Kudrow

The definition of a ‘rough sketch’.


4. Elton Joh.. err

Far more effort has gone into the snazzy signature here than the freakin’ picture itself! It’s a cool signature though.


5. “I love drawing Rihanna… oh f*ck it I give up”

I think they could see it wasn’t going well and gave up on the finer details. Or maybe they were just going for the whole ‘less is more’ vibe… either way it didn’t work.


6. Harrison Ford

This is spot on if he was trying to draw what Harrison Ford would look like in a 90’s video game.


7.  Dwayne ‘The Wrinkled’ Johnson

I don’t think The Rock would’ve thanked the person for adding a few years on top. It’s probably still one of the most accurate representations to make an appearance in this list. Which shows just how bad the other drawings are!


8. Kate Winslet

It’s easy to see what the ‘artist’ was going for in this one; on the right is Kate looking fresh and full of life. On the left is Kate Winslet with a poor nose job, lip fillers, some sort of facial surgery to move her eyes much higher up her head and a cat’s clawed most of her hair out… and then she’s had a shower so it’s wet. Obviously?


9. Grace Kelly

There are no words.


10. Daniel Radcliffe/Harry Potter

If I’d never seen Harry Potter before, I’d say this looks like a pretty good attempt at a portrait. Unfortunately for the person in question, I have seen it and although the films baffle me, I know for sure that he doesn’t look like this.


11. Mel Gibson

He almost looks like the alien he was searching for in the film Signs. The eyes definitely fit the part.

That hairline is pretty spot-on to be fair!


12. Bald Britney

This didn’t get off to the best of starts, the name Britney isn’t even spelt correctly. Then there’s just the minor details like the ears, the wonky eyes, the teeth…


13. Christopher Walken

Proportionally it’s all there and when I say ‘all there I mean nowhere to be seen’. The shape of his head reminds me of a giant grape and it looks as if it’s about to tumble off his neck and down the road.


14. Brad Pi… Who is that?!

Yes believe it or not, that’s supposed to be the huge Hollywood actor Brad Pitt. I can only assume that whoever this person thinks Brad Pitt is, he isn’t.


15. Jennifer Aniston

Well isn’t this just an absolute car crash? Sorry, that might be a tad harsh. Especially considering the hours of shading that’s clearly gone into this. I’m struggling for positives… err the picture looks like a woman which is the gender they were going for!


16. No wonder Justin Bieber got rid of that haircut

I’m sure he’s probably used to receiving thousands upon thousands of fan mail every day by now. These are just a small handful of what I’m sure is a horrifying collection of drawings of the pop sensation.


The sad thing is a lot of these drawings look as if a serious amount of effort’s been put into them, so really we shouldn’t laugh… But I did anyway! Unfortunately for the people who have drawn these, their future doesn’t seem to lie in the art industry, but 10/10 for effort all the same.

Can you remember being such an avid fan of someone to the point you were obsessed? Let me know in the comments!