The 10 Weirdest Fashion Trends From Around The World

The 10 Weirdest Fashion Trends From Around The World

Fashion speaks louder than words…

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Ladies, looking our best and latching onto new trends has become our second nature. Fashion is a way to express ourselves, try new things and get creative! We’ve had ties over t-shirts, shoulder-padded blazers and luminous gym gear with leg warmers to name a few. And although we may be cringing at our past fashion choices, they were in no way as bold as the ones you’re about to see.

Trends come and go, and as the style moves on, we love to move with it. Movements manifest themselves in various ways, depending on where the craze is at and who was the trendsetter that started it. 

But every now and then, a trend so daring and just outright bizarre comes along that makes everyone stop in their tracks and say what the funk?! 

There are some fashion trends so outrageously off the scale that even makes the brave and daring of us take a step back in true awe. Here are 10 of the WEIRDEST fashion trends from across the globe…

1. Eyebrow art

These looks are very high-brow. Last year, girls around the globe took to these creative brow styles and they seem to still be evolving! Forget squiggly brows and braid brows, how about we start on monobrows?

2. Hairy nail art 

Is it just me, or is there something SO unnerving about this? Imagine the feeling of those hairs brushing over your skin as someone touches you. And what happens when you wash your hands? Do you need to pull the hair dryer out too?

3. Extremely pointy boots

Also called ‘Crackowes’. All I wanna know is, how do they sit in their trucks? These boots have become popular amongst men in Mexico before spreading to Texas and Oklahoma. Because everyone wants a boot that costs $500+, is difficult to walk in and could also be used as a weapon, right?

4. The up-skirt umbrellas

This is just outright creepy. Japanese anime fans have taken to these outrageous umbrella’s which they coined the ‘unberera’. Why anyone would want one of these is beyond me. Disgusting and disturbing.

5. Eye jewellery

Because nothing sounds better to me than having a surgical procedure that costs over $2000 to slit open the eyeball and place a small platinum heart into the membrane. This is definitely fashion gone too far.

6. Animal hair hats

I think we can all appreciate the creativity and talent that has gone into these, but why would anyone ever want an animal on their head? This one has taken the fashion world by storm, and although it’s not been implemented in modern day society, it continues to turn heads on the runway.

7. Glitter Beards

First glitter roots, now glitter beards. Glitter exploded onto the scene and has been bedazzling the world ever since in various forms. The latest craze though is for men! You can find numerous tutorials on youtube on how to sparkle up your beard but be prepared for a messy process. Perhaps you could save it for Christmas day?

8. Painted toe tights

Fashion can be strategic too. This one aims to save us all a lot of time, however, logistically I’m not sure it would work. I imagine some people are gonna end up with painted toenails on their foot because 1. no one has the same shaped feet and 2. we all know tights like to slide wherever the hell they want.

9. Plant hair clips

Well if you can’t get a bit of growth from your hair, find it somewhere else, right? If we were being kind, we could see it as a metaphor for ideas manifesting and developing in your head. If we weren’t, we’d say ‘Erm, excuse me? You have some stalk in your hair’.

10. Cameltoe underwear

The one the world is all too familiar with, and most certainly baffled by. Yes, the thing us ladies worked hard to hide in our favourite pair of pants has actually become a trend amongst youngsters. No, I can’t believe it either.

You’re probably feeling all confused about now, am I  right? But try to remember, despite the sheer bizarreness of these trends, the trendsetters in question did their job very successfully, because as surprised as you may be, all these movements took off!

Personally, I think I’m gonna stick with the trends the stores are selling like ripped jeans and floral dresses. I don’t think I’m quite ready to put on some camel toe pants and have surgery for eye jewellery just yet, but I’ll holler at you if I change my mind!

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