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This is 19-year-old Vega Blossom who went to her favorite bakery, and was served a rude guilt trip.

Thanks to some incredibly rude customers who obviously found it impossible to keep to their own business, Vega was left feeling embarrased and pretty darn crappy, to say the least.


“When I heard the nasty things the women said, I honestly wanted to cry,” Vega originally told Daily Mail. “It really hurt my feelings.”

Image credits: Vega Blossom / Caters News Agency


But instead of feeling sorry for herself, Vega picked herself up and decided to get some sweet, sweet revenge instead.

Image credits: Vega Blossom / Caters News Agency

And what a revenge she got! Sure, it may have cost her $54, but can you really put a pricetag on making yourself feel better and teaching some meanies a lesson? No, I think not.

Image credits: Vega Blossom / Caters News Agency

And besides, Blossom didn’t something pretty sweet herself with all those cupcakes she bought; she shared them with all her co-workers, friends and family members. Girl, a whole lot of good karma is heading your way!

Image credits: Vega Blossom / Caters News Agency

In Vega’s own words; “Hopefully, this was a lesson in treating others kindly, and maybe a lesson in karma as well” here here! We’re hoping for the same.


Vega even said it herself, that leaving the bakery was the most rewarding part: “I looked the pair straight in the eye and asked ‘could you please open the door for me? My hands are a bit full’” she said.

Image credits: Vega Blossom / Caters News Agency

She also mentioned that “Reluctantly, one woman held the door open before following me outside”, so sounds to me like that was a doubling helping of karma she served up.

Image credits: Vega Blossom / Caters News Agency

And Vega’s boyfriend Gavin Hammerberg supported her actions that day, and is always there for her whenever she needs it as well. Sooooo cute!

Image credits: Vega Blossom / Caters News Agency


To this day, Vega still sticks by her decision that day; “I think, if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all. I am NOT sorry for taking all of the cupcakes”

Image credits: Vega Blossom / Caters News Agency

Unsuprisingly, in todays irritatingly opinionated society, this is the first time Vega has had to deal with openly negative comments about her weight.

Image credits: Vega Blossom / Caters News Agency

And after the story broke, haters (or as I like to call them, absolute losers) began to literally hunt her down and contact her, just so they could spew even more hate (good job, world)

And despite some incredibly hideous comments like these;

Seriously guys? You have nothing better to do?

First of all William; your display picture is a pumpkin, maybe you should be keeping your horrid opinions to yourself no?

Wayh to go Janet, good looking out for a fellow female! Honestly…

An overwhelming majority supported Vega and her actions, because at the end of the day there is still some good and love in the world;

Yesssss Shelly! Let’s hear more from you please girl.

Way to go Mattie! I’m so glad you see the justice in it all.

I’m right there with you Megan… and I would have been shouting about just how delkicious each and everyone of them was!

And wonderfully, it didn’t stop there!

Exactly Leah… most people are so quick to jump to the negative side of things! I mean, who’s talking about those terrible women!?

GREAT POINT Sandra! Okay yes, so there’s a little extra to her body size, I’m sure she’s very aware of it, but does that mean she can’t treat herself every once and a while? We’re all guilty of it ladies!

Thank you Jayne! You’re so right, it’s always the people with the biggest insecurities who take it out on others around them… just take a chill pill and love yourselves guys!

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