Teen Surprises Mom By Cutting Off 9-Year-Old Dreadlocks, She Takes One Look At Him And Starts To Cry

Maximillion and Melanie are the proud parents of their 19-year-old son Jordan. They decided a long time ago to let Jordan grow his dreadlocks out, 9 years ago in fact.

In that time, the immediate and extended family have grown a strong attachment to his dreadlocks and they have become somewhat of a centrepiece for the family.

But of course, teenagers like to experiment with different looks and hairstyles, so Jordan decided to brave the cold and shave all his dreadlocks off.

The interesting part is that Jordan decided to do this in secret, without his parents knowing. Melanie had no idea, that when she would arrive home that evening she would be greeted a boy who looks completely unrecognizable.

The video below shows her priceless reaction. The new look even reduced her to tears… The next day Jordan’s dad took him to a barber friend they know to get a new fresh faded haircut.

The transformation is unbelievable!


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