Store Employees Robbed At Gunpoint Are Amazed When They Unmask The Robber

Store Employees Robbed At Gunpoint Are Amazed When They Unmask The Robber

There are any number of things that can drive someone to commit a crime such as armed robbery. Usually, it is through sheet desperation, rather than greed, that people resort to such drastic measures. Obviously, this is no excuse, but it is still tragic when someone has got so low in life that this is the only way out they can see.

Of course, most of the time, it does not work out how the robber planned. Thanks to things like CCTV and other crime detection technologies, it is almost impossible to escape justice these days, and an armed robbery will usually end in a lengthy prison sentence, or even worse – a tragic death which shakes the community to its core.

Last Tuesday was a day the employees of Northeast Pizza in Barre, Massachusetts will never forget, but for less tragic reasons than those mentioned above. A masked and armed robber entered the restaurant and demanded cash, scaring the hell out of the staff who were on shift that night.

As if that wasn’t scary enough, he then proceeded to produce a gun and hit one of the employees with it.

Since the robber was armed, they had no idea who he was, or what he was capable of. This is nightmare scenario for anyone to be on the receiving end of.

Luckily, no shots were fired, but the masked man jumped over the counter, hit an employee with the butt of the gun and forced him to help open the till before taking $164 dollars from the cash register.

Imagine taking such a massive risk for such a pathetic amount of cash!


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