Some REAL Photos That Will Send Shivers Down Your Spine!

Some REAL Photos That Will Send Shivers Down Your Spine!

Sometimes a photo is the best evidence that a person can have as proof of what they saw, especially when it comes to the unexplained. Otherwise, it’s hard to convince others that these things have happened and are, in fact, real! Or, at least we think that they are, but most of us aren’t too happy about that outcome either because if it’s real, then it’s spooky! That’s probably why these photographs keep sticking around because they are telling us something that we may not want to know. . . Or believe in.

We have been alive long enough here on earth to realize that there may be something “out there” that is just bigger than us. However, there are still those that want to be clear about the scientific evidence involved in every claim that people may have concerning these things. It is as if it does not occur to them that no matter how hard they try, what we are seeing really does exist. I suppose that most people who come to that conclusion want to know how this can be.

There comes a time when we choose to believe stuff, even if it cannot be explained. If you are one of those people, you will probably enjoy these photos. Even so, they still hold an intrigue to those who wish for a proper answer about what is going on. They will be interested in these photos just to see if they can discover the mystery behind it all so that they can set the truth free! Either way, they are interesting to discuss and share. Some may even haunt you with the realization that you really don’t have an answer to the questions that arise in your own mind when you see these photos for the first time. Let’s take a look:

A photo of a dead woman.

This might seem like a pretty morbid thing to do, but back then, they did this so that the person could live Also, they must have been curious enough about the dead in order to sacrifice a photo for it. It has been said that many people (in those days) could not afford to have their photograph taken and yet, a dead person’s photo was always taken. In that way, for the first time, they actually had a photo of their loved one. Of course, it’s a photo of them dead but it was still a photo, nonetheless. The point is, this is often the only photo that a family member ever had of the ones they loved.

1939 murder room.

Apparently, a person was murdered in this room and so that is why this photo was taken because it is a photo of the murder scene. Thankfully, they don’t show the actual body! However, this photo still holds a sense of doom because when I look at it, even without knowing why this photo was taken, my eyes are immediately drawn to the large doll on the bed. It’s the kind of doll that would be in a murder movie because it looks like it would come to life and kill people. So, without even knowing the back story to this photo, I’m already convinced that this photo has an ominous story to tell.

The upside down body.

This family photo was later developed, and this was noticed on the left. It appears to be a ghostly body hanging down.

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