This Shaggy Looking Man Desperately Needed A Haircut, His Barber Revealed A Chiselled Face Underneath

This Shaggy Looking Man Desperately Needed A Haircut, His Barber Revealed A Chiselled Face Underneath

Never judge a book by its cover.

That’s something my parents instilled in me at a very young age.

It’s important to understand this, especially since looks are deceiving most of the time.

What appears to be a monster to most people, can actually possess true beauty on the inside.

Most of us have seen those shows on TV where someone is given a drastic makeover and ends up looking like a completely different person.

They get a new haircut, makeup, new clothes, and sometimes they even ditch their glasses for contacts or change even their hair color.

But most of the time it just takes a simple haircut to completely transform you.

This was certainly the case for a Reddit user named WalterWhiteBoy16.

His haircut was so impressive that he had some pretty strong words for his barber.

“My barber is a goddamn hero, ” he wrote.

“So, I recently moved to a new city and was looking for a barber.

“I came across this photo on Instagram and started scoping out the person who posted it. Coincidentally, it was a barber in the city I had just moved to so I figured I’d pay him a visit.”

Before his haircut, WalterWhiteBoy16 looked, well, looked like an individual who lacked the resources to groom himself properly.

He had the “hippie” look down. He had a long shaggy blond mane and a scraggly blond beard to match.

He told his barber to chop both his mane and beard off.

He then asked for the kind of haircut that you’d see on someone like Brad Pitt.

The results were absolutely breathtaking.

Now he really does look like Brad Pitt! 

His brand new haircut meant that his hair was completely cropped off and shaved into a fade on the sides. The front was kept slightly longer and slicked back. And his unruly beard was trimmed into a beautiful goatee.

It’s actually hard to believe that the picture you’re looking at is the same person.

“Dude gave me the best haircut I’ve ever gotten.

“So now he is MY go-to guy for a haircut.”

The man behind this incredible transformation goes by the name Fleetwoodthebarber on Instagram and he works at Hudson/Hawk Barber & Shop in Springfield MO.

What an incredible and crazy transformation! Doesn’t he look incredible? 

I can’t believe it’s the same person!

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