What You See In This Image Will Reveal Your True Psychological State

What You See In This Image Will Reveal Your True Psychological State

It isn’t just Vladimir Kush’s beautiful painting that could reveal a lot about your subconscious fears. 

This time we’ll look at this unusual illustration by Trevor Brown. Tokyo-based artist Trevor Brown created this image called ‘Ichigo’ in 2014, and has also created works in a similar style.

Let’s find out a little more about the painting below, but first ask yourself: what is the first thing you notice first in the painting?

The Girl

That little girl sitting by the tree is the main focus of the image for some people. If you spotted the girl first, this means that you fear making big decisions, and also stress. Noticing the girl in the drawing first may also suggest you underwent a hidden trauma experienced in childhood, that you have repressed the memory of.

The Strawberry

The little girl is holding a strawberry towards the center of the painting. If you noticed the eye-covered fruit first, and not the character first, it actually reveals a lot about your love life. Strawberries are often a sign of love, so if you noted this upturned fruit, it means that you’re most likely in a complicated romantic relationship. 

The Butterfly

Opposite the girl and looking at the strawberry with one giant human looking eye is a surreal insect character. Let’s call it the butterfly. The butterfly represents a missed opportunity that’s now gone forever, which means you may fear that you’ll never have the chance to make up for that lost opportunity.

The Trees

If you noticed the trees framing the two characters on either side of the illustration first, then it means you may be dealing with an inner conflict you’ve continually avoided. You’re scared of facing this issue head-on, so your mind has pushed it deep into your subcsoncious.

The Skull

If you didn’t notice a skull at all the first time you looked, go back to the image and take a closer look! That’s right, while there’s no actual skull in the illustration, many have noticed an optical illusion of a skull; the sunlight and trees form it’s outline, the two characters’ heads the eye sockets, the strawberry the nose and the little girls’ legs its teeth.

The observant among you who noticed it first could carry a subconscious fear of disappointing others, or that you fear death itself.

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