What You See In This Image Will Reveal The True Fears In Your Subconscious

What You See In This Image Will Reveal The True Fears In Your Subconscious

Are you afraid of things that go bump in the night? Maybe it’s spiders that give you the chills. Or perhaps it’s something completely illogical, like clowns.

We all know clowns can’t hurt you… or can they? See, that’s the thing with phobias, they’re ‘irrational’ fears. It’s not like you’ve sat down and thought ‘okay, what I’m gonna do is be terrified of clowns, that will solve all of my problems!’.

Most of the time we realize we have these phobias. You go up high in a plane and oops, turns out you’re scared of heights! Either that or airline food.

But what happens when you have fears locked away deep within your psyche? What about those subconscious fears that never really come to the surface? You might never really acknowledge them, but they’re there.

Those are the sorts of fears that even if somebody asked you, ‘are you scared of this?’, chances are you would answer no.

So how do you know what these fears are and if you have them, if you might not even know yourself.

Well fortunately… or unfortunately… there’s a test that you can do to worm out the unconscious fears lurking inside your mind. It’s really simple.

To unlock your hidden fear, all you have to do is look at the painting below, and simply note the first thing that you notice about the image.

Ready to try? Lets go:

This picture is called ‘Butterfly Apple’, and it was created by the surrealist artist Vladimir Kush, who was born in Russia in 1965.

His paintings are often rich in visual metaphors and allegories, so take a close look at the image.

Now, what jumped out at you first? 

Here is a list that takes the aspect of the painting you noticed first, and reveals the thing that you subconsciously fear.

The Knife

If you noticed the knife that’s in the foreground of the painting first, then it suggests that you fear terminal illness without knowing it. Many who see the knife first share the same fear of suffering and worry about death and pain.

The Caterpillar

Those who notice the caterpillar sitting on top of the knife right away are said to subconsciously fear of the paranormal. This can be a fear of ghosts and evil spirits, and the fear that these apparitions will appear to you and even terrorize you at night, alone in the dark.

The Butterfly

Noticing that the apple is actually shaped like a butterfly first means that you may harbor a fear of betrayal. Those who take note of the butterfly have usually been crossed more than once in the past by people they thought they could trust, and they fear it will happen to them again.

The Apple

If you spotted the apple in the painting first, but failed to take note that its shape suggests that of a butterfly, this means you hold a deep fear of your loved ones dying. This is quite a common fear for anyone who has already lost a loved one, but it could effect anybody. If you noticed the apple first and the butterfly shape second, this is the significance. 

Let’s try it again, this time with a different image!


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