Secrets McDonalds Never Wanted You To Know About

Secrets McDonalds Never Wanted You To Know About

Whether you can smash a Big Mac in a few minutes or can tackle the 20 chicken nuggets box all on your own… McDonald’s will always have a special place in our hearts. We practically grew up on this stuff especially when we went there to get our favorite toys in their Happy Meals and to this day, their meals make us extremely happy.

However, just because you have been going there to eat forever, doesn’t mean that we know absolutely everything that there is to know about this place. In fact, there are many things on this list that surprise me completely! Once discovered, you will never look at this place again. Now, you’ll know all the tricks that will make your experience even more enjoyable (even if they don’t always tell you about this upfront). You are about to go behind the scenes in a place that you deserve to know everything about. I mean, you practically supported them with all the money that you paid them already!

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There are so many reasons we love digging into a maccies. You can be on the way home from a night out and need something to help line your stomach or it could be the morning after the night before and you need a little bit of life to help revive you. Either way, McDonald’s has always had our backs. Especially when they decided to have breakfast all day! They know that this is a big money maker for them and so they decided to let the money roll in all day long instead of cutting it off before noon. Smart move!

Now, let’s take a look at all those things that they never tell us and yet, it is all something that we ought to know by now, don’t you think?

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Although we can always rely on the salty fries to change our lives, there are some things that we just don’t know about this multi-billion pound empire. It is not always what it seems and the things that you are about to learn will be carried with your for a lifetime. You might even want to pass the word along because all of this information is just too juicy to keep to yourself. Besides, sharing is caring and we don’t want to be the kind of person who doesn’t share. . .

Now, prepare yourself for some of the secrets about to be revealed… you will not be disappointed.

1. The ketchup holders are a LOT bigger than meets the eye

We all love a bit dollop of ketchup when we get our trays and eat at McDonald’s. But, we can all agree that these little white tubs just aren’t enough to last a full meal. But, what you never knew was that these tubs actually fold out a LOT wider than you initially think! The picture below gives you a small life hack for all your ketchup needs! Now, you don’t have to fill up with several of these cups. All you have to do is take advantage of the cup that you have and the rest is taken care of for you.

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2. There are actually some diet-approved meals you can purchase at McDonald’s

This sounds absolutely bizarre because in our minds anything you get from McDonalds bar the carrot sticks are completely dripped in oil before being deep fried.

This makes McDonald’s an absolute NO GO when it comes to your time to diet. However, to our surprise, there are some things that you can order that won’t throw you completely off the wagon when you need a little bit of a treat. The way to go about it is to strictly avoid any fizzy drinks and do NOT go large. A way around this is ordering a children’s meal, this way you are only having a small portion of fries. There are also little cheats that can get you through – for example removing the bun on a grilled chicken burger can save so many calories and significantly reduce bloating! Of course, the grilled chicken wraps are also extremely good for you.

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3. The McGangBang

Yes, believe it or not, this is an actual thing. Like most fast food chains there are secret meals that aren’t on the menu. If you’re lucky enough to be let into the secrets then you can order yourself something that no-one else can get.

Next time you’re in McDonald’s and you’re unsure what to order, why don’t you go up to the counter and order yourself a delicious McGangBang. This is where you get a McChicken burger wedged in between a double cheeseburger. According to some people have tried it on their Youtube channels – some McDonald’s workers can’t get in the spirit and refuse to serve it to you… boring!

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4. The ingredients in the picture perfect ads are exactly the same thing that goes into your burger

We have all known to be disappointed with the presentation of our burger at one time or another. We understand that it is ‘fast food’ but in our minds, we picture the perfectly presented, glazed bun to be something we unwrap when we sit down to eat. Instead, sometimes (most of the time) we get a squished up burger with no real order of contents.

However, McDonald’s released a video of how they do the shoots for the burgers. All the contents are EXACTLY the same, they are just arranged a little bit differently for the photoshoot so we can see everything that’s in them on the image.

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5. The McFlurry spoon ISN’T a straw, but it does have a purpose

We have all been stupid enough to think that this spoon is actually a straw. So whilst we sit there trying to suck up our McFlurry through the straw, not once have we ever got somewhere doing this. But, a McDonalds worked has actually answered why this spoon is so obscure. Basically, the square at the end of the spoon attaches on to a machine that spins around and helps mix up all the contents of the McFlurry!

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6. McDonald’s first item on the menu was the Hot Dog and not the Burger

Surprisingly, the McDonalds we know today is full of delicious burgers and the odd other bits and bobs. We can all agree that they definitely specialize in burgers… but did you know that back in the day they were actually known for selling hot dogs? This was on the menu before the burger! Imagine how different life would be if McDonald’s never committed fully to the burger and instead went down the hot dog route!

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7. In the USA approximately 1 in 8 American workers have been employed by McDonald’s at one point in their lives

One whole eight of the American population that can work has been employed by McDonald’s at any one point. Does this help you realize how many different McDonalds there actually are throughout the world?! You don’t have to go far to find yourself a McDonalds. In fact, on some of the busiest areas in big cities across the world, there are even two McDonalds on one street!

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8. There are 36,899 different McDonalds restaurants across the whole world

Around 68 million different customers are served every single day across the globe. Not only this, but McDonald’s employ around 375,000 thousand people to work for them whether it’s in the restaurants or behind the scenes.

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9. The McDonalds caesar salads are worse for your than their hamburgers

Believe it or not, but if you think you’re choosing the healthy option when you go to order your chicken caesar salad at McDonald’s then you are completely wrong. Some of the burgers are actually better for your health than this salad. The dressing isn’t as good as we are all led to believe it is. So, this is kind of an excuse to go and get a burger next time you’re there.. isn’t it?

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10. On average, McDonald’s opens a new restaurant every 14.5 hours

Across the whole world, it takes less than a day for a new McDonalds restaurant to officially open. This is absolutely no time at all… if they keep going at this rate it seems like McDonald’s will properly take over the world. Would that really be a bad thing? I think we already have a McDonalds on every corner in the city center as it is. What are your thoughts on this? Do we really need more?

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11. McDonald’s is actually the worlds largest distributor of toys

If you come to realize that there are a massive 68 million customers that are served each day, a very large percentage of the customers are going to be children. One thing that children are drawn to is the Happy Meals because you get a free toy inside of them.

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12. On average, McDonald’s makes around 75 million dollars a day

When you work out how much McDonald’s earn based on profit alone, then it reaches around $75 million. So, that’s around $3.13 million dollars per hour. If you work this out per year they make $27,375,000,000. In words, this is twenty-seven billion three hundred and seventy-five million. Wow… I officially have no words for that amount of money.

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13. Over 80,000 people have actually graduated from McDonalds Hamburger University

I knew you could get some degrees in some pretty random stuff, like memes and zombies… but I never knew you could get a degree in hamburgers. 80,000 people have graduated from McDonalds Hamburger University and now have a Bachelors Degree in Hamburgerology. What would you even do with this degree once you’ve graduated? This is completely bizarre… but at least some people are down for it!

14. Because McDonald’s feeds around 68 million people a day, they are technically feeding around 1% of the population

In total, McDonald’s are feeding around 1% of the world’s population every single day. This is absolutely huge… but what else do we expect? We are all addicted to fast food and McDonalds are just keeping up with our demands!

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15. They were the first fast-food chain to release a breakfast menu

After conducting a market research, they discovered that people were looking for breakfast on the go.

This meant that they were the first fast-food chain to introduce a breakfast option on their menu. Did you know that the first thing they put on their menu was the Egg McMuffin back in 1972? Since then we have become obsessed with fast food breakfasts!

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McDonald’s is one of the worlds largest restaurant chains. They have restaurants in over 100 countries across the globe and daily they serve a tremendous 69 million customers!

16. Getting free sauce

You might not be aware, but the staff is actually supposed to charge their customers for the sauce that they want to use. Excluding the times when a sauce is offered to the customer as part of a dip for a certain meal purchased. For example, when you buy chicken selects you can treat yourself to the likes of sweet chili dip or barbecue dip. However, at all other times, it is the McDonald’s policy that they ask their customers to pay for sauces that are required.

However, you will have noticed that sometimes when you go to McDonald’s you don’t have to pay for the sauces. This is because you will have landed yourself with a good server who has decided not to charge you for the sauces. If you are nice to a member of staff you can see yourself getting sauces for free. However, there are some staff members that really go above and beyond… like giving you an extra chicken nugget, or giving you large chips instead of the medium ones that you paid for!

17. Free food for the members of staff

Across the whole of the UK, McDonald’s employ a tremendous 85,000 people! But, there is the rumor that the members of staff can bag themselves free food. Well, this is true to a certain extent. Whilst they are on their shifts they are allowed to make themselves whatever food they want and have it on their breaks. However, it is highly probable that you will see staff members munching away whilst they’re working in the back.

How amazing would it be if you were able to have McDonald’s this much for free?! Whilst the staff are allowed food, it is vital that they only have it whilst they are on a break for hygiene reasons. If they decide to eat during their shift, they run the risk of getting fired. Otherwise, employees have a card which enables them to a huge discount on food at times they aren’t working. It is also known that some of the staff members can take some free food home with them!

18. Cooking the burgers in the kitchens

You will notice that you are never asked how you want your burger cooked. In other restaurants, you are generally asked if you want your burger cooked thoroughly or rare. This isn’t an option at McDonald’s and this is because they are told to cook the burgers in exactly the same way every time. The people who are employed to cook the burgers in the kitchens are told to cook all of their burgers in the same way.

This way, McDonald’s will always have the same quality of burgers across the whole of their stores nationwide. This also saves time and makes sure that McDonald’s keeps the title of a ‘fast food’ restaurant.

19. The stars on the employee’s badges

When you are ordering your McDonald’s you start to notice that on their name badge, there are sometimes a collection of stars. Depending on the server, the number of stars collected varies. So, what do these stars actually mean? Well, the stars stand for the area of expertise each member of staff specializes in.

Every member of the team gets a star for working in a different area of McDonald’s; the chicken section, the fryer and the grills. As soon as you earn yourself a certain amount of stars, you manage to land yourself a promotion. This is something that helps to spur the workers on to getting themselves a promotion. When you reach four stars you earn your promotion. However, a lot of staff members do not care about earning themselves stars because some are only working part-time whilst others are focusing on different careers!

20. Big Mac Sauce

Asking for extra Big Mac sauce is something we are all guilty of doing, isn’t it? We can all agree that they aren’t over the top with offering this sauce to you and wanting more is only natural (because it tastes incredible). So, why on earth do the workers at McDonald’s get so annoyed when you go and ask for extra sauce?

Well, this was answered on Reddit by an employee and we can agree that this is a fairly honest answer:

“It requires extra effort! We have to go get the little tube thing for it, and when you are working the smallest things p*ss you off.”

21. Monopoly

There is actually nothing better than when McDonald’s whip out their Monopoly sticks. There are so many different things that you can win… but, if you simply can’t be bothered saving up the stickers for a Mini or a huge sum of money then the free food is more than enough. Isn’t it the best feeling in the entire world when you manage to bag yourself 6 free chicken nuggets?

But, it is known that the McDonalds workers also like the fact that free food is on the cards. Apparently, when you hand in the token for your free food when Monopoly is on the workers tend to keep them for themselves. Instead of binning these tokens, then take them and recycle them. Whether they sell them on to other people or reuse them for themselves, they are extremely handy to save up!

22. The burgers take a surprisingly quick amount of time to cook

If this doesn’t put you off, I don’t know what will… The McDonald’s burgers take as little as 40 seconds to cook from frozen. Let that settle in. A lot of people think that the food is fresh and amazing, but if it takes this amount of time to cook a frozen piece of meat then you definitely aren’t eating something great.

Another thing that workers admit to doing, is if you bring back something to be exchanged if you aren’t happy with what you’ve been given, then some workers will pretend to get you a new one and instead give you exactly the same food back. Not only this but if you are a rude customer and you ask for a McFlurry some of the more naughty McDonalds workers will pretend that the machine is broken so they don’t have to serve it to you. This is probably why the McFlurry machines seem to be constantly broken!

Now you’ve seen some insight to Mcdonalds, here are some secrets about KFC!

1.KFC special recipe is locked in a vault

The top-secret KFC recipe made up of 11 spices, is safely locked away in a vault in Louisville, KY, and only a selected few have access to it!

2. The founder Colonel Sanders started from his home

The foundation of the billion dollar chicken shop started selling the food from his house, he came up with the recipe when he was just a child and decided to start selling it along with other food such as macaroni cheese and steaks.

3. They changed their name to avoid the word ‘fried’

They made the decision to change the name to ‘KFC’ due to the word ‘fried’ being known only as unhealthy, let’s face it.. if it’s fried there’s not really any way it can be good for you.

4. The first KFC was at a gas station

Colonel owned a gas station, so he thought moving it to a more elaborate place would be worth his while, and it definitely paid off!

5. The recipe hasn’t changed in 80 years

As times move on and change, you might have thought the KFC recipe may of too. but you’re wrong if you think that! Since it was first created the only thing that has changed is the oil it is cooked in.

6.KFC is owned by American food company YUM!

As well as KFC, the fast food company also owns Taco Bell and Pizza Hut. I doubt that they are short of pocket money…

7. The first KFC bucket was sold in 1957

The famous ‘bucket meal’ that is very much so associated with KFC was first sold 15 years after the franchise was launched.

8.KFC doesn’t just sell chicken…

In order to adapt to different parts of the world, KFC had to switch it up and they also sell ‘Zinger Shrimp Sandwiches’ in the Middle East and Rice ‘n’ Spice in Pakistan


9. In 2018 KFC ran out of chicken!

Yep, that’s right, KFC ran out of chicken along with a few other things too. Due to a change in distribution, there was a complete mix-up and it left some stores without chicken for days, along with drinks and sides. Oh dear…

10.PETA is absolutely against KFC

PETA known for boycotting anything to do with what they believe is against animals rights, are absolutely against KFC in every way. Because at the end of the day, they believe chickens have rights! Lets be honest, just because they may not be able to speak up for themselves doesn’t mean they should be in cages that don’t allow them to even turn around and that is what was happening. Animal rights activist or not, no creature on earth should have to suffer.

11. There is a KFC is 80 Countries

That’s right, no matter where you go around the globe with thousands of KFC’s situated in 80 different countries across the globe you won’t be too far from a boneless banquet or bucket meal!

12. Finger Lickin Good translated into Chinese didn’t go down so well…

When the famous slogan was translated into Chinese it turned into ‘Eat Your Fingers Off’. Not quite the same effect, so that one had to be quickly changed, I think it scared people off.

13.KFC doesn’t deep fry chicken, they pressure-fry it

Sanders never wanted to change the way his chicken was made, but it was taking 35 minutes to cook which is too long when its fast food. So they switched to pressure Frying to speed it up.

14. Former Guns’n’Roses wears KFC bucket head wears a bucket on his head while performing

Former Guns N’ Roses guitarist Buckethead is famous for performing on stage with a KFC bucket emblazoned with an orange sticker reading “FUNERAL” on his head. He also wears a white face mask with the famous KFC bucket.

15. The first KFC Franchise did not open in Kentucky, but in Utah

So the first “Kentucky Fried Chicken” was not even in the state of Kentucky!


Coming from someone who has worked at KFC, it was my first job, I can tell you with certainty that they most definitely are living with several very well kept secrets, I mean the entire system of that place is almost built around a lie, their 11 SECRET herbs, and spices.

That secret is extremely well hidden

KFC does not even tell their employees what the secret spices are. you can guess from seeing the batter and what not, but there is no way to absolutely tell what they are.

One pretty crazy interesting thing that I did learn working there was that KFC’s chicken, is from birth to bucket, I know that is pretty foul but that is honestly how I heard it the first time from one of my coworkers, in 28 days. So that means these chickens are laying eggs, these eggs are hatching and growing up to full size ready to go in 28 days and be served to you at your local Kentucky Fried Chicken.

That’s normal…..right? Not really..think about it like this a chicken is pregnant for 22 days. for a chicken to become full grown ready to be eaten it is going to take more than a month. KFC, however, needs to mass produce and that is just the way that it is.

On too a lighter subject!

So keeping all this info in mind you can probably assume that most fast-food chains are just not what we all might like to hope they are. That doesn’t mean that we still don’t love their food all the same!


We all love Applebees right? I know I do, go out and eat a nice home cooked meal…or so we think.

I’m about to burst your bubble so if you don’t want it burst don’t read ahead

Pretty much every item on the menu at Applebees is cooked in a microwave. Not everything, there is a grill and things like steaks or burgers are grilled, but even some meat choices are cooked in a microwave too. I’m not going to give you that information though, I will leave that up to your imagination. Sorry.

I have to say though, even with seeing these secrets up close and personal I still love Fast-food


Who doesn’t love some quick absolutely delicious food served to you exactly the same no matter what City or State you’re in you can still go into these establishments and order exactly what you want knowing exactly how it is going to taste and it actually does live up to what you remember.

How could you not love Fast-food?

Who cares if they microwave their food at Applebee’s? That doesn’t make it any less good, that doesn’t change the fact that they serve millions every day at reasonable prices.


I really hope I don’t get in some sort of trouble for giving away these restaurant’s secrets, I feel kind of bad but hey that is what freedom of speech is after all.


Anyways my opinion towards Fast-food is overall positive I would have to say, if you ever need a snack in a hurry these trusted franchises are around.

I have to say of all the Fast food places that I have worked probably the least gross was A&W. The KFC that I worked at was a KFC/A&W and you were allowed to eat as much free food as you wanted during lunch every day. That is how all KFCs are which is pretty cool.

I ate a lot of hamburgers while working there. One cool thing about the fact that it was both places is I could mix and match different items like I would eat nacho cheese wedges, the wedges being from KFC and the nacho cheese being from A&W. Yum!

How crazy is it that McDonald’s Has a University

Probably one of the most surprising thing that was found out, I sure have never heard of this school but it really exists.


So ya, of course, these fast-food joints have hidden a few things under the rug over time, but that is just all part of holding onto a massive corporation like they do we don’t really want to know the truth it wouldn’t make the experience of eating at these restaurants any better so like they say, ignorance is bliss in some instances.

Another thing most people might now know is that these a lot of fast-food chains microwave their bacon, I’m really not sure what I thought they did to cook it before I found out that they microwave it but I know that I was pretty surprised to find out.

So most likely everyone can agree that fast-food has enough options that pretty much every type of person can find something that they like on the menu. Even at McDonald’s there is almost anything you could want, so who cares that they may microwave a few things.

All day breakfast, are you kidding me? McDonald’s now has all day breakfast. That is insane I remember the days when you had to wake up at 9 o’clock to make it to McDonald’s by 10 for breakfast. People born this day and age will have no idea about things like this because all these places are having to adapt to our level of convenience in this country.

Again, there really is nothing wrong with that, it is called fast food for cripes sake. We want it fast and we want it now and these chains are trying to become as accommodating as they can possibly be.

Szechuan Sauce (Gotta Have It)

I’m gonna venture to say that most people probably do not remember Szechuan Sauce, a Mulan promo that McDonald’s had in the early nineties after Mulan came out, a somehow well-kept secret of theirs.

This brings up the point that McD’s has a secret sauce

Big Mac sauce, thousand islands, whatever you want to call it its there. Just don’t ask for extra.

Dominoes uses frozen Dough

I have to say that this was quite disappointing for me to find out. I am Italian and we as people enjoy quality pizza. It’s true. No shame towards Dominoes at all, your pizza is absolutely delectable but the whole point here is to reveal secrets, so there it is.

Also, they don’t let you eat free pizza there since every pizza is ordered to cook, meaning they don’t make it till you order it. So that steps up on Little Ceasarz somewhat except Little Ceasarz actually makes their dough fresh every single day, weird right, so they actually just have different highs and lows like everything in this world.



I’ve never seen this sauce available in stores but that sure does not mean that it isn’t! Again, whether they want to admit it or not the Big Mac sauce is pretty much just thousand island, either was it’s superb.


Bring back the Szechuan Sauce!!! We need the Szechuan!

I have to say the longer I’m looking at all these pictures of food from these places the more and more delicious they are looking. I might just have to go get me some KFC.

While I’m sure we all wish that we could just duplicate the secret spices that somehow KFC has kept hidden for so long, there will never be anything quite like just ordering a full bucket of chicken, no cooking just chicken.


I’m sure all of you reading this are still going to continue on eating fast-food just the same as you always have and there is not a thing wrong with that.

One more Applebee’s secret

Alright one more little snippet of information that one probably only would ever know from working there, please forgive me for this the only reason I found out was that the Chinese Chicken Salad is still one of my favorite items on the Applebee’s menu.






The bowl from KFC, oh my god so delicious it is not even funny, the best!

Ok, here it is, the Chinese Chicken Salad sauce from Applebee’s is made out of like 95% mayonnaise.

No, it certainly does not taste like it. I think they throw some vinegar in there too! Mayonnaise and vinegar doesn’t sound very good separately but that is what that yummy supposedly “healthy” salad dressing is made up of. That’s where they get you with salads, you think they are healthy but surprise!

Of course, there is a deep fryer as well at Applebee’s I mean they have to cook the fries, after all, so don’t worry not literally everything is microwaved just a lot f stuff.


Okso we have only discussed fast FOOD joints so far, but, what about the fast-food drink options.

This coffee shop has a pretty wide range of secret drinks that you have to know about to be able to order because they are not advertised on the menu or anywhere for that matter.

To start off there is either a green tea Frappuccino or a mint chip Frappuccino, both absolutely outstanding.

There is the American flag Frappuccino, a mix of vanilla bean, strawberry and chocolate syrup. I want you in my belly!

If you want to get a little crazier then there is something for that occasion as well! you can order a mermaid Frappuccino, dragon Frap, wired zombie Frap, all of which are basically the same thing.

Starbucks has fruit available so you can order a couple different varieties of fruit Frappuccino depending on what fruit they have available.


These are just the vanilla bean Frappuccino with fruit blended in! What a simple idea yet no one really thinks of it.


Whatever your favorite candy may be, there is a Frappuccino for almost every candy out there. From a Rolo’s Frappuccino, Twix, to just about anything you can name or think of they have some arrangement of flavors to try and match it.


Of course, whether or not the workers want to take the time to make these drinks really depends on where you are.


Like if its rush hour for them, for example, the morning time maybe we should just order something on the menu.


Cookies like a snickerdoodle, gingerbread, all kinds of different combinations of their usual flavors to make an out of the box drink, although most of us just order our favorite every time we go into a Starbucks.


My personal favorite secret that I learned from a friend that worked there, is that you can substitute breve, or creamer in any drink you want. You can substitute any type of milk you want really in any drink, 2%, Almond milk, now they have coconut milk, No-fat, the options are vast.

I just prefer breve because it makes my drinks creamier. They probably don’t ask you if you want to substitute the milk because they just have certain recipes for every drink, but oh well I’m the one paying five bucks a drink, I’m going to get what I want!

So it would seem that even though we grew up with these menus, there is always something new to be found, something new to be tried. It is so cool that there are all these hidden gems, and tucked away secrets that not many people know of. The people that do know about these fast-food secrets must be keeping them on the extreme down low because even though millions of people eat or drink at these restaurants every single day nobody talks about these strange facts.

I really hope you enjoyed this article!