A Russian Artist Has Drawn Everybody’s Favorite Superheroes As Pensioners And The Results Are Brilliant

A Russian Artist Has Drawn Everybody’s Favorite Superheroes As Pensioners And The Results Are Brilliant

Growing old is a natural part of life for everyone, it’s something we can’t escape no matter how hard we try. And, whilst superheroes dazzle us with their godlike abilities and persistent habits of saving the day at the very last minute, we never wonder what life might be like for them if they were pensioners too.

Well, Lesya Guseva – a freelance illustrator from Perm, Russia – has given thought to just that and compiled a brilliant collection of designs showing your favorite superheroes in their retirement.

Check them out and see which one you’d rather be during your twilight years!

1. The Hulk

The Hulk might not be quite as mobile, but those anger management issues will never subside.

Image result for the hulk avengers

We’re used to him jumping about the place and just generally being furious with everyone, like this.

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But when all’s said and done, those dull daily pensioner tasks still need doing… sorry Bruce.


2. Catwoman

I participated in an art competition, and one of the themes was an old maid and a cat. It occurred to me to portray Catwoman as an old cat woman” – Lesya Guseva

It just seems like it’d be so easy to finish your superhero business and find yourself alone with 100 cats all of a sudden.

Image result for catwoman gif

Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but the constant smell of cat litter is putting me off.


3. The Flash

Possibly the best super power to have when you’re no spring chicken anymore?

Image result for the flash

We’re used to thinking of the Flash as a young, energetic and eccentric savior of mankind.

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And why should that change? It’s just that where he used to chase bad guys, he’ll be running from his responsibilities instead.


4. The Joker

It’s hard to imagine the Joker not terrorizing Gotham City.

Image result for heath ledger the joker

When we’re so used to seeing him looking sadistic and kind of cool like this.

Image result for heath ledger the joker clapping gif

But Lesya has illustrated the not-so-lively side to retirement here hilariously and he still seems content!


5. Captain America

An unlikely romance perhaps? I’m not sure where Snow White comes into things but I like it nonetheless!

Image result for captain america chris evans

So Captain America might not be able to pull off action stunts like this in his 70’s and 80’s…

Image result for captain america gif

…But, he’ll still be saving the day, just in less dramatic fashion.

Image result for captain america gif

Who’d like to see more illustrations of Captain America do just that?


6. Thor

I did not set any global goals when I started this series. I just want people to smile looking at my illustrations.

Image result for thor

Well, she’s certainly done that as this depiction of Thor certainly had me chuckling.

Image result for thor gif

He’ll always be my favorite… if you know what I mean.


7. Batman

Long gone are the days of Batman being out all night, beating up mob dealers for fun.

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As an oldie, he can’t make it to 9 pm apparently. Don’t worry Bruce, I struggle with that too!

Image result for the joker you complete me gif

Look at the photo of him and the Joker together though, I knew they loved each other really!


8. Wonderwoman & Superwoman

These two were always destined to be pals in my eyes.

Image result for wonder woman

Two of the fiercest women in the galaxy? It’s a match made in heaven.

Image result for superwoman

The question is… why haven’t they made a superwoman film yet?


9. Deadpool

“Many of my followers are not from Russia, and unfortunately can’t read the text in my pictures. So often I get the question, ‘Why are they old?’

Image result for deadpool

These drawings are all a part of my fictional universe, Pensioneriya. And once these characters are there, they age rapidly, despite their superpowers…

Image result for deadpool gif

So… “Everyone becomes a pensioner.” 10/10 for imagination. 


10. Harley Quinn

The world needs more Harley Quinns don’t you think?

Image result for harley quinn

I mean, if you ignore the malicious behavior and destructive attitude of course.

Related image

Because she’s just so cool. So it’s nice to see that in Pensioneriya, everything gets passed down to younger generations.


11. Ironman

You can take the man out of the Playboy mansion, but you can’t take the Playboy of the man.

Related image

I think the message is pretty clear with this one.

Image result for tony stark happy gif

Age is just a number and Tony Stark will never not be awesome.


12. Superman, Pocahontas & Meeko

Ok, Lesya might not be following the rules to the letter of the law here.

Image result for superman

Because technically, Superman doesn’t really age… at all.

Image result for pocahontas

But the scenario of him relaxing on a yacht with Pocahontas is one I could definitely get on board with!


13. Spiderman

No superheroes job is easy. In fact most of the time it’s incredibly difficult.

Image result for spiderman

But, with Spidie’s, you have to say it’s extra brutal on the old joints and muscles.

Image result for peter parker gif

So maybe a quiet relaxed life with Mary Jane would suit him to a tee.


14. Genie & Doctor Strange

This scenario might just be my favorite of them all.

Image result for genie gif

Partly because Genie has got to be one of my all-time favorite characters (despite not strictly being a superhero)

Image result for doctor strange

But also because a game of chess whilst floating above NYC just epitomizes superhero retirement!


Lesya is definitely incredibly talented. It’s only when you look back at the illustrations again that you notice all of the little details she includes. If you had to pick a superhero pensioner to be which would it be? Mine has to be the Flash, I’m far too impatient to get anywhere slowly!

What did you make of Lesya’s illustrations? Let me know in the comments!

P.S. If you want to see more of her fantastic work, you can here.