Are These The Most Romantic Movie Moments Of All Time?

Are These The Most Romantic Movie Moments Of All Time?

Love is great, isn’t it? All those big, warm, mushy feelings swirling around inside of you making you feel like you could dance the night away or take on the world with your one true soulmate loyally at your side… too much? Okay, fair enough. But love is pretty wonderful, and whether you’re a hopeless romantic or a self-confessed cynic like myself, we all enjoy a little indulgence when it comes to love every now and then, especially when it comes our number 1 guilty pleasure; cheesy, romantic movies.

1. Casablanca (1942)

How can I possibly make a list of top romantic moments in movies without putting Casablanca first? I can’t, so I haven’t. This scene between Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman is absolutely Iconic. I’m still kinda mad that she never got on that plane with him.


2. It’s a Wonderful Life (1946)

This gets me every time. George is so desperate to win the affections of the lovely Mary that he promises to lasso her the moon! Which is made even sweeter by the fact that later on in the movie, Mary creates a children’s book entitled George Lasso’s The Moon. So sweet!

3. Dirty Dancing (1987)

Who could forget this classic “coming of age” movie? When Frances, affectionally nicknamed “Baby” meets Johnny while on vacation with her family they embark on a raunchy journey together and they create the most iconic dance routine of all time, which pretty much results in Baby becoming a woman.


4. When Harry Met Sally (1989)

The ULTIMATE “Will They Won’t They?” film. Harry & Sally spent a car ride together and never spoke again. Then became best friends. Then  became lovers. Then never spoke again. And then Harry gate crashed an NYE party just to give a big romantic speech about how in love with Sally he is despite all her massive flaws… swoon! That’s the dream, isn’t it ladies?

5. Ghost (1990)

I won’t lie, I only watched Ghost for the first time very recently and when I did, I was very mad at myself that I hadn’t watched it sooner. Oh Em Gee! Patrick Swayze is an actual ghost! A ghost who can’t cross over to the other side because he feels the need to protect his love, sob! Such a beautiful movie with an equally beautiful soundtrack. It even made me almost want to take up pottery.



6. Titanic (1997)

If you don’t recognise this scene, then seriously, where have you been? This scene is literally the reason I gave my mom a heart-attack every time we got on any type of boat because I would immediately run to the bow of the boat, fling my arms out and scream “I’M KING OF THE WORRRRRRRRRLD!”. I always made my sister pretend to be Jack as well… she hated it.


7. The Wedding Singer (1998)

I never thought I’d be including an Adam Sandler movie in a list of most romantic moments, but I can’t not mention this scene in The Wedding Singer. Drew Barrymore’s face when she realises that Adam (or “Robbie”) is the one singing to her over the intercom says it all. Also the song “I Wanna Grow Old With You” is the purest thing I’ve ever heard.



8. You’ve Got Mail (1998)

This honestly my favourite movie of all time. All time. Not only is it based around the life of a quaint bookshop owner, it also stars Tom freakin’ Hanks, who is just a global treasure. Despite seeing this movie quite literally a bajillion times, I still tear up every time these two seemingly mortal enemies discover they had been falling in love with each other via e-mail this entire time. Shopgirl and NY152 4EVA <3

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9. Bridget Jones’ Diary (2001)

God bless Bridget Jones, the British spinster who crashed into our lives with her massive panties in 2001 and gave us all hope. My heart was in my throat when Mark Darcy suddenly vanished out of her apartment after reading her very private diary filled with less than desirable comments about himself… and then my eyes completely flooded when it turned out he’d just left to buy her a new diary. Oh and running down the street in the snow wearing no pants? Totally something I would do.



1o. A Walk to Remember (2002)

This is a beautiful, pure movie. The no-good village bad boy falls in love with the do-good daughter of the village reverend… and she has terminal cancer. If that doesn’t pull on your heart strings enough he then helps her to complete all the items on her bucket list before she passes (no I’m not crying, your crying). My favourite moment in this movie is when Landon drives Jamie out to the state line so that she can literally be in two places at once. And meanwhile, I can’t even get a text back.



11. The Notebook (2004)

Okay so you had to expect this one to appear on this list at some point. Two young kids from completely different backgrounds who fall in love against all odds, effectively dragged apart by a disapproving mother and don’t meet again until years later and realise they never stopped loving each other despite all the years that have passed. How ROMANTIC. And let’s not forget the revelation at the end when the old guy is actually Noah visiting Allie in an old person’s home just to read her their story, as she has Alzheimers. Take a bow, Nicholas Spark.


12. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004)

A lot of people disagree with me on this one, because at the end of the day Eternal Sunshine is basically a movie about a relationship that was so volatile and horrific that the two people involved actually had to erase each other from their own brains permanently. Talk about drastic measures. But I think what a lot of people miss is the fact that despite being erased completely from memory, these two eventually re-meet and still end up together. If that isn’t cosmic love then I don’t know what is!



13. P.S. I Love You (2007)

Another romance movie based around a dead loved one, I’m definitely beginning to see a theme here. Gerry (Gerard Butler) dies of a brain tumour, and knowing his wife Holly (Hilary Swank) wouldn’t be able to cope, he sort of helps her from beyond the grave via letters he wrote for her before passing, helping her to eventually deal with her grief and get used to a life without him. He ends each letter with P.S. I love you, just in case she ever forgets. Another Nicholas Spark classic.


14. Music & Lyrics (2007)

Ah Hugh Grant, Britain’s one-trick pony (which I say in a very affectionate way). There’s just something I love about the relationship between him and Drew Barrymore’s character Sophie in this film. Have to admit I wasn’t entirely sold on it at first, but at the end when he gets up on stage and sings Don’t Write Me Off Just Yet as an apology to Sophie in front of thousands of people, well, I just felt that on so many levels. And anyway, who doesn’t love a bit of an American/Brit romance?


15. Up! (2009)

I’m going to struggle with this one. Never has a movie turned me into such a huge, messy puddle of emotions as quickly as Up did. I mean, really Pixar? The first 10 minutes? Was that really necessary? Couldn’t have given us some kind of warning? What an actual rollercoaster of a movie. And just in case we hadn’t cried enough through out the entire movie, they hit us with the note from Ellie which Carl finds at the back of their “Adventures” book right at the very end. Nope. Can’t-cope-won’t-cope.


16. Tangled (2010)

And last but by no means least, Tangled. Now I’m a big fan of Disney, and there are literally 1000 Disney examples I could use for this article but I picked Tangled for two reasons; 1) Because At Last I See The Light is literally the most romantic damn song I have ever heard, and 2) Because despite Rapunzel having hair with magical healing powers which she could use to stop Flynn (or Eugene) from dying, he cuts it all off and sacrifices his own life so that she can finally be free. BRB, just gotta go rock back and fourth in my room while I think about how no one will ever love me like that.



So I hope that’s helped to give you the daily dose of lurve we all so desperately need, and for any of you fellow cynics out there I hope this has reached some of the iciest parts of your hearts and gave you a little tingle. Do you have any favourite romantic moments in movies that haven’t been mentioned in  this article? Comment on Facebook and let the world know… let’s spread the love ladies!


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