Real Women Share The Silliest Things They’ve Cried Over Whilst Feeling Hormonal

Real Women Share The Silliest Things They’ve Cried Over Whilst Feeling Hormonal

“I cried like a maniac watching a gif of a bunny being petted gently.”


Being a woman is hard. We have to deal with periods, pregnancy, menopause and random turbulent emotions for no reason whatsoever. Yeah, we can be slightly dramatic sometimes we’ll admit- but the female body is really put through it’s paces on a monthly basis so GIVE US A BREAK OKAY. Also, it doesn’t feel dramatic at the time- it feels completely rational and normal. 

Sometimes our hormones can really get the better of us- as these women on Reddit know far too well.  

They shared the silliest, most ridiculous things that they’ve cried over whilst feeling hormonal and the result is absolutely hilarious…

1)”Once I was walking home and I saw a dog in the alley by my house. Naturally, I wanted to go pet the dog and see if it was okay because I didn’t see an owner around. As I approached I realized the dog was a large raccoon and started crying uncontrollably.

I was really sad that the dog was actually a raccoon. Life is hard”

2) “I couldn’t find the jeans I wanted to wear – I had other jeans I could wear that were pretty much the same, but I wanted that pair of jeans. I couldn’t find them instantly after looking for less than a second, and I sat on my bed and cried”

3) “I cried over a bacon sandwich once when pregnant. I was hungry and in pain and tired, so I asked my fiancé to make me lunch. He goes into the kitchen and starts doing so. I start thinking about how hungry I am and go hide in our bedroom closet to cry. He finally finds me, and I’m BAWLING. He asks if I’m okay. I shake my head and say no. He asks if I still want the sandwich. I nod my head. He asks if he should stay in the room. I shake my head. So he closes the closet door and I sat their and cried and ate my sandwich.”

4) “I watched a video of a kitten wearing a diaper and was inconsolable for an hour.”

5) “My husband once told our daughter “good morning” and she burst into hysterics.”

6) “I cried like a maniac watching a gif of a bunny being petted gently.”

7) “My sister had a moment when she ugly cried because her cat was going to die someday (not anytime soon, but one day in the far future). I’ve cried while eating pizza over a trash can in the kitchen at work.”

8) “I once was in the supermarket parking lot and saw a single ravioli on the floor. I immediately started to cry hysterically. It looked so lonely.”

9) “I was about to eat a yogurt and I dropped my spoon on the floor so I cried. I was too fat to pick it up”

10) “While pregnant I came home and found my house plant had died. I laid on the floor and sobbed for 30 minutes because I thought if I killed the poor plant I shouldn’t be allowed to be responsible for a child.”

11) “My sister got in the shower before me while I was getting my things once. She didn’t know I was going to have a shower. I dramatically slumped against the bathroom door and wailed like a heartbroken mother who has received the news her only son has died at war. She was like “I’ll be done in 5 minutes, are you ok?!”

12) ” I dropped my last tampon in the toilet at work while unwrapping it and dropped to my knees and uncontrollably sobbed whilst staring at it for a whole 20 minutes”

13) “While pregnant I cried because I locked my junior bacon cheeseburgers from Wendy’s in my car with the keys.”

14) “Yesterday I saw a goose flying by itself and teared up immediately because obviously it meant that he somehow got separated from his flock and was now all alone in this cruel world. I imagined his panic when he realized the separation and all the things he thought about as he frantically tried to catch up. I wondered if he had a family who abandoned him. All of this in a 10 second window. I’m just wondering how insane I am on a scale of 1 to 10. I am not normally like this the rest of the month.”

15) “I cried last month because David Attenborough is old, and I never want anything bad to happen to that precious man, and I couldn’t face a life without David Attenborough in it.”

16) After I washed my clothes I discovered a single sock. I imagined that it would never see it’s sock-family again… When I realized what I was crying about I got very angry about the stupidity of it and that made me cry even more”

17) “I cried because I accidentally stepped on my dog’s tail and couldn’t adequately make sure he knew how sorry I was.”

18) “I sobbed uncontrollably at the end of Dodgeball when Alan Tudyk admits to Vince Vaughn that’s he’s not really a pirate. Found out I was pregnant 2 days later.”

19) One night my mom called me upstairs to watch a video of this mini pig trotting around. For some reason that video absolutely gutted me, not so much in a sad way, just because of how damn cute that pig was. It was about a minute long and that entire minute of her showing me I was fighting back a stream of tears and trying not to explode into a sobbing mess. Afterwards I ran downstairs and pulled it up on my phone and started bawling. Then proceeded to look at pictures of baby pigs online for 20 minutes while hysterically crying. I came on my period 2 hours later, so yeah”

20) “I was watching Babe and burst into tears because the cat was mean to the pig and that’s why he ran into the rain and got sick.”

We hope you’ve made it through this list of hilarious hormonal anecdotes without breaking down. What’s the most ridiculous thing that you’ve cried over whilst feeling hormonal? Let us know in the comments!