Real Women Reveal The Exact Moment They Knew The ‘Honeymoon Phase’ Was Over

Real Women Reveal The Exact Moment They Knew The ‘Honeymoon Phase’ Was Over

Unsurprisingly, farting seems to be a reoccurring theme…


Don’t get us wrong, the beginning of a relationship is great. It often involves lots of amazing sex, starry eyed dates, romantic gestures and non-stop talking. You spend all day looking forward to seeing their face and as much as you hate to admit it- you even get that butterfly feeling in your stomach that they talk about in cheesy rom-coms. As much as you feel like you and your significant other are going to live in this glorious, lovely bubble together forever, there does come a time when things begin to change.

This change can bring some gross habits and unnecessary bickering we’ll admit- but it also brings something so much more.

The end of the honeymoon period can bring you and your partner so close and comfortable that it results in falling in love- and this is surely better than having sex 3 times a day and going on fancy dates every Friday, right? However, if you’re new to all this love stuff- the end of the honeymoon period can seriously freak you out. It’s not uncommon for couples to mistake this feeling of comfort with boredom- and we’re here to tell you that this isn’t necessarily the case- so relax! EVERYONE goes through this phase, but how do you know when you’re in it?

These real women on Reddit spill all…


1) “For me, it’s when that nervous butterflies feeling goes away and is replaced by being comfortable and the realization that this other person is as every bit as odd as I am.” 


2) “I guess when I started wondering where my sex drive went… Where the hell did that eager crave go?”


3) “When I farted on him.”


4) “Right now, trying to file our taxes for the first time as a married couple. What a nightmare.”


5) “When everything turns into endless bickering but you love each other enough not to kill… yet”

6) “When you actually realise some things they do are annoying. Up until that point, you think they are absolutely perfect and can’t put a foot wrong.”


7) My husband fell asleep during sex once, that is when I knew.” 

8) “When we started squeezing each others spots”


9) “He told me that he had taken the biggest poop once and that it couldn’t flush because of how massive it was, he told me he had to break it in half with his bare hands. That’s when I knew. We’re still happily together.” 


10) “When he seemed comfortable giving me a ‘dutch oven’.” 


11) “When you look over and think, I’ve had enough of your sh*t.”


12) It was a Saturday around noon, we had both slept in and were watching TV. We’re just sitting there having not showered with messy, greasy hair. I leant over and rested my head on his shoulder and we just so content not doing anything. We’ve just celebrated 5 years together.”


13) “When their annoying habits start to really grate on you- especially early in the morning.” 


14) “When you go on a night out with your partner and all of your friends and spend the night talking to everyone but them. You speak to them all the time! It’s nice having different company & being comfortable enough to know that it’s not either of you being rude.”


15) “When you stop trying to impress them 24/7. You can wear unflattering underwear and no make-up and don’t care. It’s nice” 


16) “When you’re both in work and you’re not constantly texting each other and don’t care if they take hours to text back.” 


17) “When we stopped having sex every day. Now it’s probably once a week because we’re too lazy most of the time. It works well for us though- I wouldn’t trade him for the world.” 


18) For me, the “honeymoon phase” has two sides. The butterflies in your stomach are both this emotional high from being around the person, and anxiety that you’ll mess it up. Once the butterflies calm down, and you start to become really comfortable with being yourself, that’s when the honeymoon phase is over for me. I don’t really see it as a negative transition. You just start to figure out if your relationship is longterm or if there isn’t much left after the high is gone.”


19) “For me, it was when our relationship became comfortable and ingrained in my life. Like, it was just normal to come home to him being there and normal to be talking to him all the time.”

20) “When he started giving me a lot of detailed descriptions of his bowel movements.”

21) “I’d say it was probably 6 months to a year into the relationship. The big thing was I noticed our fights really shifted. We fight about things that bother us and talk about it, instead of being immature and screaming at each other. It’s not always going to be exciting, and you’re going to stop wanting to be around each other 24/7 but that’s okay. Make your time count, even if it’s just watching a cheesy movie and playing a board game. Those are actually the nights you remember most together”


22) “When you see the worst, most ugly parts of the person stripped back and love them anyway. I’d take that over the honeymoon period any day.” 


Join in on the conversation and let us know in the comments the moments that you knew the ‘honeymoon phase’ was over- we’d love to hear about them!