The Real Story Behind Kim Kardashian’s Bo Derek Tribute

The Real Story Behind Kim Kardashian’s Bo Derek Tribute

The Kardashian clan are everywhere these days. 

All you have to do is simply go online or just on your Facebook or Instagram account and they’re bound to pop up somewhere.

It’s almost impossible to escape them! They just won’t go away.

The Kardashians often divide people, especially when the question is ask ‘Do you love them or hate them?’

It’s never a simple answer either!

Personally speaking, I love to hate them, and I know I’m not alone on that.

There are some people who love them, some who hate them, and even some who like them but hate the fact they’re famous for no real reason.

I can understand why people are upset about that.

Over the past few days, Kim Kardashian has been making the rounds online thanks to her latest batch of topless photos on Instagram.

Kim Kardashian shocked her fans again after posting a series of sultry photos on her Instagram page.

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star wasn’t shy when it came to showing off her killer figure and her new haircut, which is already marked as controversial.

There are some people who are proud of her self-confidence, while others were very harsh with their comments.

But in the midst of all that skin, it’s easy to overlook the opposite – which is that she tried to pay homage to Bo Derek.

Which begs the question, just what did it take for her to recreate Derek’s iconic and timeless photo shoot?

Well, it took a whole crew of photographers and stylists, and even a butt buffer for Kim Kardashian to be able to pull the shoot off.

Kim was spotted almost completely nude on Malibu beach. The shoot was inspired by Bo’s memorable look from the comedy movie 10 (1979).

But the big question is, did Bo have her own personal butt polisher?

I doubt it.

The mother-of-three’s s crew were super meticulous about her look for the stylish photo shoot, and all that hard work and attention to detail really paid off!

As  Kim Kardashian danced and pranced about on the sand, assistants buzzed left, right and center, dressing her up and pampering her throughout the photoshoot.

The celebrity’s personal stylist, Danielle Levi, made sure Kim didn’t smudge her makeup and even helped her remove her bra for some topless shots.

I know taking off your bra can be really hard to do on your own!


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