Real Parents’ Hilarious Tweets About Living With Six Year Olds Are Just Too Much!

Real Parents’ Hilarious Tweets About Living With Six Year Olds Are Just Too Much!

The world through the eyes of a 6 year old can be a strange, simple, sweet place. For the people around them, though? It’s downright freakin’ baffling.

Good job we have these interpreters around at all times – wait, what do we call them again? Right, ‘parents’, let me write that one down – to tell us what the heck these little guys and girls think is going on.

Here are some of the times parents were amused, bemused, or confused by what their 6 year old had to say… or maybe it was just so downright profound they had to put it on Twitter.

Bless social media for bringing quirky family moments like these into all of our lives for the world to enjoy!

1. You do know that’s a stupid question, right?

Listen dad, we both know that’s not how things operate around here.

2. I’m gonna start using this one in my every day life

“Have you done your taxes?” Yes, of course. “Really? We didn’t get your return.” Oh, I thought you meant ever! I mean, I did them in 1974, I thought that was me done!

3. Sounds like a pretty good lunch to me…

If you’re old enough to pack your own lunch, you’re old enough to call up the dentist yourself!

4. What do you want to be when you’re older?

5. Damn that was cold. When this kid grows up, they’re going to be a savage!

Let me remind you: now you say, “Where’s mom?”.

6. It truly is the never ending story!

Their magnum opus at the tender age of six.

7. There are boy jobs and girl jobs… yeah, right!

Right on, sister!

8. Manners cost nothing… except for some of your dignity as a parent

Wow, your kid is Wednesday from the Addams family? Unreal!

9. Those tiny freakin’ idiots will believe anything…

I mean, erm… hi, sweetie! Would you like a delicious snack that I have totally not muttered into for the past 5 minutes?

10. Ah, the eternal battle that is meal times!

Am I hungry? Depends what’s for dinner, ma. Your move!

11. People should definitely come with ‘mad’ bars above their head, so you can tell how angry they are

Is it bad that I thought, only 24%? That’s not THAT mad, right?

12. How the tables have turned!

You walked right into that one, buddy!

13. Why did you have to kill the chickens, mommy

This is why we can’t have nice things, darling.

14. You haven’t been letting that 6 year old watch Game of Thrones, right?

Now honey, you know that Santa could never fit a whole throne on the back of his sleigh… phew, got away with that one!

15. You do the math!

Dang, looks like we got the next Stephen Hawking on our hands here!

16. Kids with their cute names for things!

Erm… maybe not, honey!

17. Is that kid dressed like Boo from Monsters, Inc. on purpose or what?

This is absolutely true.

18. This is the kind of humor I can definitely get behind!

Makes about as much sense as a joke needs to these days… I bet his little kindergarten friends were laughing into the sandbox.

19. When your job isn’t that exciting, but to a 6 year old it sounds AMAZING

It’s for a Powerpoint, son. “POWER point? Is that a kind of Transformer” Sigh… Holy moly…

20. We’ve all been there!

If all most of us ever dreamed about was eating a taco, then the world would be a better place!

21. Daddy is a means to an end, son. You’ll understand when you’re older

Come on dad, we’re out of Lucky Charms here, I thought you were meant to be a breadwinner here!

22. They say that no child is born to hate

Ah, the world through a child’s eyes… brutally truthful!

23. I’m proud of you, mom

Just look at that kid and tell her you made her… so I guess this IS the first good thing you made! Ohhhh! Burn!

24. You want the truth? You can’t handle the truth!

Listen lady, don’t ask the questions if you’re not ready for the answers!

25. Reasons My Son Is Crying, with a reason he’s not crying this time!

In what world would that NOT be something for a 6 year old to be the most excited about?

26. See if you can find his ‘off’ switch

I find it’s anywhere on the head area, so long as you hit it hard enough…

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