Why Queens of Sass Nails It At…. Sassy Humour

Why Queens of Sass Nails It At…. Sassy Humour

We all need a bit of sass in our lives from time to time. Whether it’s through throwing some shade to celebs on Twitter, posing like a sassy supermodel for your Insta pics or sporting your sassiest outfit. 

However, being sassy all the time can be hard work, and that’s where we come in. 

Before you exhaust all your sassiest comebacks, why not try a piece of merchandise first from our incredible Queens of Sass range. They’re catchy, colorful and straight to the point. 

What more could you want out of an office mug? 

1. Ugh, AS IF!

Inspired by the Queen of Sass herself, Cher, from the hit teen rom-com Clueless- this mug speaks volumes. If your resting b*tch face needs a rest, this classy coffee cup is sure to make you crack a smile, but never crack in the dishwasher! Give your friends, family or colleagues the perfect dose of bad-ass-itude to look just sass-tacular in your home or workplaces!

This beautiful, ceramic mug is available here

If you’d prefer to send this message out in T-shirt form for everyone to see, then why not treat yourself to one of our tees instead? They’re available here and are 100% cotton, 110% sassy…


2. Gosh, being a princess is EXHAUSTING

Isn’t it just though? It’s a tough life being royalty. If you feel like people need a little reminder of the hard life you lead, then this eye catching, hot pink mug will do just that! So the next time a sea witch tries to steal your voice for her collection, just pour yourself a coffee and let your beverage do the talking. Find it here


Alternatively, say it loud and proud with one of our tees instead- they can be found on our online store here

3. Girls who slay together, stay together

PERIOD. Badass charcoals and regal golds splatter together like drunkenly-applied nail polish on this stylish mug for your coffee, tea, or handbag vodka. It’s a hot mess just like you and is available to buy today from our online store here 


Or if you want to take it one step further, why not team up with your BFF and get these cute matching tees, available here 

4. Netflix and avoid people

This perfectly sums up two our of favorite hobbies in life. Binge watching Netflix and actively avoiding all human interaction. What can we say, we enjoy the finer things in life. If this sounds like you’re cup of tea, then don’t delay! Find this sassy mug here 

Alternatively, you can buy it in t-shirt version, in an array of beautiful colors here 


5. Nap Queen


If you’re always ready to catch some serious zzz’s, then this mug is the one for you! Not only will it hold your morning coffee and set you up for a few hours of not napping, BUT it will also hold some nice hot cocoa with marshmallows and chocolate sprinkles for when you’re ready to sleep again… which is anytime between 12AM and midnight. Find it here


The t-shirt version can be found here 

6. A sass a day, keeps the basics away

Is there a basic hanging around at the edges of your friendship group, trying and failing to play with the big girls and posting half-assed, not at all funny memes on Facebook with the caption #lol? Yeah, you don’t need that in your life. Luckily there’s a very simple way to keep your life basic-free.

Step one, buy this mug. Go on, treat yourself, you’re worth it. Step two, put every single morning coffee you make into this mug. Step three, read the advice on this mug every morning while you get your caffeine fix and live by it! Problem solved! Consider the basics banished!

7. Kiss my sass

A 100% cotton tee which pretty much speaks for itself. When you’re 100% done with life and all the basics it brings, slip into this tee and strut your way through the day. Buy it here