Pregnant Mom With Enormous Belly Delivers 13 Pound Baby

Pregnant Mom With Enormous Belly Delivers 13 Pound Baby

When Chrissy finally had her baby delivered by C-section in May last year, it soon became clear why her baby bump was so much bigger than any other she had ever seen before. She and her husband were surprised to discover that their new little bundle of joy, who they named Carleigh Brooke, weighed in at a mind blowing 13.5 pounds! That’s almost double the size of an average newborn baby and all of a sudden the size of Chrissy’s belly made perfect sense!

Chrissy remembered the moment that Carleigh Brooke came into the world and spoke about her experience during the birth, she said, “When the doctor was pulling her out of me I just start hearing them all laughing and excited in the operating room. They were throwing out numbers and when they showed her to me and said 13.5 I couldn’t believe it.” Well I’ve gotta say that any Mom would be surprised to hear that their baby almost weighed in at an entire stone in weight already!

Chrissy was used to having big babies, her first two children had weighed eight and nine pounds, but she hadn’t been prepared for her latest child to be so much bigger than an average newborn. She continued, “It looked they pulled a toddler out of my belly. She’s so big.” Chrissy revealed that even the doctors were shocked by the size of her newborn, and they couldn’t believe how big Carleigh Brooke was when she was delivered.


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