Pregnant Mom With Enormous Belly Delivers 13 Pound Baby

Pregnant Mom With Enormous Belly Delivers 13 Pound Baby

Having a little bundle of joy join your family is the highlight of so many of our lives. You wait for nine months, caring for the little one in your womb, ready for the day that they will arrive and make your family that little bit bigger. It’s special and it’s beautiful and there’s a reason why so many of us call the day our babies were born the best days of our lives. There’s nothing more wonderful than the day your little one comes into the world and you meet them for the first time.

All babies are unique and special. Some are big, some are tiny and some, well, some are really, really, really freakin’ big! Now how big is a big baby? Eight pounds? Maybe nine pounds? Well recently one Mom found out that for her, having a big baby didn’t just mean having a slightly bigger baby than average. It meant having a baby that would be so big that it would turn out to be the size of a toddler! Today, we’re going to hear her story.

Chrissy Corbitt is a Mom of three from Florida, US, and when she became pregnant with her third child, she soon realised that her belly was growing much quicker than it had in either of her other pregnancies. It was growing so quickly that she began to wonder whether she would be having twins or maybe even triplets, and other people even started to assume that that was the case. Although Chrissy had been assured by her doctors that she was only having one baby, she had no idea why her stomach had grown to be so big.


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