How To Poop In Public And Still Be Really Polite About It No Matter Where You Are

How To Poop In Public And Still Be Really Polite About It No Matter Where You Are

Pooping outside of your own bathroom should cause us that much anxiety, but it does. Everybody poops, that’s a fact of life, but pooping somewhere public where people can hear and smell everything that’s going on in your stall? That’s another matter entirely. Some of us may even struggle to poop in public toilets at all, choosing to hold it until they get home and feel uncomfortable all day rather than brave the slight embarrassment of a public stall.

Well worry not, my shy and nervous poopers, because we have the answers! We’ve come up with some simple rules that will make your public pooping time much easier on everyone involved no matter where you are. We’ve covered pooping situations including pooping in the office bathroom, the toilet in the airplane and even if you need to take a poop at your date’s house. These rules of pooping etiquette will make sure that your natural bodily functions are as polite and inoffensive as possible so you can feel comfortable taking a poop when you’ve really got to.

Pooping at the office

The first rule of pooping in the office bathroom is making sure that you lay down a layer of toilet paper over the surface of the water before you even sit down. This layer of toilet paper will muffle any sounds your poop makes as it falls into the bowl and it’ll make less of a telltale splash that would give away your bathroom activities to someone in the next stall. If you’re worried about people realising that you’re pooping because of the sound, this is your number one tip.

Our next tip is another one that will give you away when it’s time to poop – don’t take your phone to the bathroom with you! If you take your phone to the toilet then not only will everyone know what you’re doing, but they’re going to know that you’ve been using your phone while you do it. I know, I know, we all use our phones when we’re on the loo but we also know how unhygienic that is, and you don’t want your colleagues to think that you’re gross, right?


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