Planning On Visiting The UK? DO NOT Make Any Of These Classic Tourist Mistakes!

Planning On Visiting The UK? DO NOT Make Any Of These Classic Tourist Mistakes!

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It’s always great when you get to visit other countries and experience their cultures.. which are more often than not completely different from ours in literally every way imaginable. There’s no other country or culture out there that is quite as coveted by us than the United Kingdom, however.

Most American’s I know would simply kill to be able to visit our beloved friends “Across the Pond” – myself included! And if you’re actually part of the lucky ones who do make it there eventually, I have a few handy tips for things you probably shouldn’t do while you’re there… so get your notebooks out and enjoy!

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1. Tourists often have a tendency to only visit London, or presume that the rest of the country is JUST. LIKE. LONDON. (Spoiler alert: It’s not, it’s absolutely not.)

The rest of the UK is a lot more chilled out and green than London and it's definitely less expensive, you should visit!


The United Kingdom is a vast, vast place, despite its quite minute stature in comparison to most other countries in the world.  It’s also a beautiful, beautiful place… filled with mountains, lakes, valleys, forests, beaches (yes, beaches) and a lot of other very culturally-relevant cities… NONE of which, are in London. Take a risk and venture out beyond their Concrete Capital… you never know what you will discover!

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2. You get SERIOUSLY ripped off when it comes to buying “Fish n’ Chips”, I’m sorry.

Some tourists will pay over £10 for fish and chips! Ten whole pounds! They're probably getting fancy fish and chips that are served "deconstructed" and are good for you. Good fish and chips are as cheap and greasy as possible.

I have it on good authority that if you’re buying a portion of fish and chips in the UK and the price comes to double figures- then I’m sorry pal but you’re a true tourist and have just been swindled of your pound sterlings. Also, it probably means that they’re not authentic… the general rule is; if they’re not swimming in enough grease to turn the paper wrapping you should have received them in translucent, then they are not real “Fish n’ Chips”.

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3. They refer to Birmingham as Bur-ming-HAM.

Brummies have always had to put up with American celebs saying "How are you Burming-ham?" at gigs, when it's actually pronounced "Burminhum".

It’s not “Burming-ham”, it’s “Burminhum”, despite what thousands of American celebrities would have you believe. Although I’m not really sure exactly why you would want to visit it, if you do happen to find yourself in Birmingham then especially be aware of this pronunciation around the native “Brummies” (aka, the poor people who are from there).

4. Or Edinburgh as Edin-burg.

Yeah, again, please, if there’s somewhere specific you’d like to first, do a little research on how to actually say the name of that place, y’know, out of respect for it.
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5. Speaking of Edinburgh, tourists should really stop taking photos outside of the phone shop.

I know you probably think this is a joke, but I assure you it’s not… I’ve seen the evidence for this. So what is it America? Is it just that you don’t realize that huge castle in front of you is actually real? Can you just not be bothered to walk to the top and see the real thing? Are you simply fascinated by British phone carrier stores? Either way, PLEASE don’t do this! Like we really need another reason for people to make fun of us.

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6. A lot of the time tourists don’t even bother to visit the beauty that is Northern Ireland, Scotland or Wales.

There's are whole other countries in the UK that you're missing out on!

There’s are whole other countries in the UK that you’re missing out on! And they all have there own wonderful customs and places of beauty. You already bothered to come all the way to England… why not hop a flight for the day and have a couple of REAL Guinnesses’ in Dublin? Or jump a train into the truly majestic Scotland… where, may I add, Harry Potter was ACTUALLY filmed. It’s right there guys! IT’S. RIGHT. THERE.

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7. Thinking everywhere is quaint.

Tourists think that every street in Britain has cobbles and is lined with thatched cottages. There's a lot more grey terraced housing and corner shops than they think.

Tourists think that every street in Britain has cobbles and is lined with thatched cottages. There are a lot more grey terraced housing and corner shops than they think.

If you’re expecting to arrive there and immediately be surrounded by old street lamps, cobbled streets and thatched cottages then I’m afraid you will be sorely disappointed. I mean, don’t get me wrong, there are places like that around the UK. Many of them, however, are quite built-up, with houses made out of bricks and have street lights that use bulbs and everything – crazy!

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8. And that for the people of the UK, their lives are like an episode Midsomer Murders.

Okay so maybe they don't think the murder part but tourists definitely think that we all play cricket and garden all day.

Midsomer Murders, Mary Poppins, Pride and Prejudice… Yeah, very accurate portrayals of the UK… about 100 years ago or something. The place isn’t crawling with middle-aged detectives who live in grand manors houses in the middle of nowhere, but I’m sure there are some pretty great tours where you can see the types of places you do on TV!

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9. Thinking that they eat a full English breakfast every day. single. damn. day.

That would just be...a lot. Delicious, but so very filling.

I have a few good friends from the UK, and I’m gonna level with you, I used to think this too. Oh, how they laughed when I first told them! To be honest, the general consensus is that if they didn’ fear the risk of a serious heart attack by the age of 30, they probably would eat a Full English Breakfast every day. I would definitely recommend having one at least once while you’re there though, however.

10. And that they also actually eat afternoon tea quite frequently.

Afternoon teas are things that we take our mums to on their birthdays and then regret spending that much money and not looking online for a voucher. They're nice but not a common occurrence.

Now, this may shock you to you to your very core but… do you know… “Afternoon Tea” (Or “High Tea”, if you really want to be that guy) has only really been popular with Brits during the past couple of years? It’s true! pre-2016 hardly anyone had even heard of it unless it was used in old Black & White movies or you were, y’know, the Queen. The more you know!

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11. They presume that EVERYBODY speaks like the Queen. Oh, how very wrong you are.

None of us really speak that level of proper English.

The UK may be small, but it is made up of thousands of towns and cities and has one of the widest variety of colloquial accents around. Seriously, you could drive 30 minutes down the road and find the accents to be completely different to the ones you’d just heard 30 minutes ago. Very few of them sound like the Queen, but it’s still pretty majestic.


12. Most of all (and most disappointing of all) they expect the UK to at least be nice and sunny in the summer… eh, No. 

Never, ever, come to the UK and expect there to be nice weather. The weather knows what you want and will always do the opposite.

“Oh let’s go in July! The weather will be lovely then!” Nope, sorry, you’re wrong. I mean, it might be lovely. But it also might be pretty terrible. It might even snow! It’s a constant source of frustration for everybody who lives there. Just don’t take any chances and pack enough clothes for any kind of weather situation, okay?

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Feel any clearer on the Do’s and Don’t of the UK now folks? I hope so. Have you ever been lucky enough to visit the UK before? Or maybe you have a trip planned for the future? Let us know in the comments and don’t forget to like and share this with all of your friends and family! Oh and… don’t forget to send me a postcard! AA xx