Photographer Takes Puppy Portraits Of Dogs Who Are Perfectly Imperfect

Photographer Takes Puppy Portraits Of Dogs Who Are Perfectly Imperfect

For a lot of people, our pets mean the world to us.

To many people, their pets are just an extension of their family, they’re like an extra child. Some people even treat them like their own child too.

You have to admit, our pets are one of the best sources of love and support we have. As soon as we come home, or wake up in the morning, they’re there wanting to lick us and grab our attention.

Personally speaking, my idea of a relaxing night at home is one where I’m curled up on the couch, nothing to do but read a book and relax with my dog. Honestly, I can’t see it get any better than that.

As you already know, not every dog is the same. They can vary in sizes, breeds, and personality. But not every dog is ‘puppy perfect’.

Sometimes dogs get into accidents where they become disabled, or they’re born with impairments.

For some people, having a dog that is different or disabled is a no-no. But this doesn’t make the dog less of a dog. If you give them the time and attention they need, you’ll receive every ounce of love it has in its heart for you.

Thankfully, more and more people are adopting dogs with disabilities or differences, offering them a forever home.

To help combat the stigma surrounding disabled and different dogs, one photographer is taking photos of different pups and showing just how perfectly imperfect they are.

This is Bali Pip, he is a playful pup who was rescued from the streets of Bali suffering from mange.

Mange is a skin disease caused by parasitic mites, and it can cause fur loss, irritation, sores, and lesions.

Maya is a loyal dog, despite her blindness.

And Raul may be partial paralysis, but he takes it in his stride!

But these imperfect pups are just some of the animals in a new book by the award-winning photographer Alex Cearns.

These adorable portraits of perfectly imperfect dogs will uplift and inspire you, and I’m sure these pups will find a special place in your heart.

These brave dogs have overcome their physical adversity, proving they’re a set of very good boys and girls.

In his book, Cearns has artfully captured their natural beauty and spirit, showing just how sweet, resilient and strong they are.

Cearns said:

“One of my most passionate aims as an animal photographer is to capture the adorable subtleties that make all creatures precious and unique. I love every animal I have the privilege of photographing, but those perceived as different hold a special place in my heart. These are the canines who have lost a leg, been born without eyes, or are still showing the scars of former abuse.

“Most animals with ‘afflictions’ don’t dwell on them. They adapt to their bodies without complaint and they survive with determination. They push on, always, wanting to be included and involved in everything as much as they can, and as much as an able-bodied pet does.

“The tenacity of animals to overcome adversity never ceases to amaze me. They make the most out of life and from them I have learnt so much about always seeing the positive in every situation and never giving up.”

You can pick up a copy of  ‘Perfect Imperfection – Dog portraits of Resilience’ from 19th March 2018.

It’s a book a lot of dog fans are going to fall in love with.

This is the perfect book for anyone who is fans of the Japanese concept of wabi-sabi, or for those who prefer to see the beauty in imperfection.

Part of the book’s proceeds will be donated to the Australian Animal Cancer Foundation. It’s donated with the hopes that the extra money will help them work towards finding a cure for canine cancer.

Let’s take a look at some more adorable and inspirational dogs!

1. He’s Definitely A Good Girl

This is Jessie, and she loves taking long walks. She had to have her back legs removed, but that doesn’t stop her from getting around!

2. Wheel Lovers

Like Jesse, Reuben and Keisha rely on their wheels to help them stay mobile and active.

3. Lady Bug

Despite being blind, Lady Bug is the life and soul of the party!

4. Mange Puppies

Penny’s puppies have mange, but that doesn’t stop them from being utterly adorable!

5. Vegemite High Five

Vegemite may only have one eye, but she’s still pretty adorable!

6. Meet Aryah

Despite only having one eye, that doesn’t stop this pup from smiling!

7. Bandit

Bandit was, unfortunately, the victim of an acid attack, but he doesn’t let it stop him from living a full and active life.

8. Hi There

Dot lost her eye, but she’s still cute as hell!

9. Puppy Jakk

Puppy Jakk was born with deformed front paws. But he proves daily that there’s nothing wrong with imperfection.

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