Photographer takes Photos of her Friends in 2000 & 2017 – the Results are Amazing!

Photographer takes Photos of her Friends in 2000 & 2017 – the Results are Amazing!

It’s amazing how quickly time passes, and it’s important to stop and take stock every once in a while. Photographer Josephine Sittenfield took a bunch of photos of her college friends back in the year 2000, and recreated the photos in 2017. Time clearly changes some people more than others, so it’s really interesting to see the transition from then to now. Enjoy!

1. Sophie

Sophie really seems to have blossomed as a person since the first picture was taken. I really like her funky hair in the second pic!


2. Ellie

Ellie has grown up but thankfully has kept her beautiful freckles. She is now a very successful actor, and has appeared in The Office, 21 Jump Street, and – my favorite – Bridesmaids! Way to go, Ellie.

Ellie Kemper From "The Office"

3. Larry

Larry hardly seems to have aged a day since 2000, but there’s one obvious difference! He really looks happy as a new dad.


4. Becky

Becky looks a lot happier in the present day photo, and she somehow looks younger too! Ill have what she’s having.


5. Ethan

Ethan is good-looking in both photos, but he really seems to have grown up over the years. Maybe it’s just the glasses and the books behind him, I don’t know!


6. Aili

This photo of Aili was taken in the exact same spot, 17 years apart. She’s not littering as much now, which is good.


7. Anna

Anna has tamed the frizz since 2000, but she definitely still knows how to pose! What a striking woman.


8. Tenley & Ryan

It really warms my heart to see young couples grow up together. They look happy and full of life in both pictures! Love keeps you young.

Tenley And Ryan

9. Eveline

Eveline has grown from a girl into a woman since 2000. I like how she’s kept the same pose and attitude, even if she’s got rid of the turn-up jeans (remember those?)


10. Olympia

I’m sure Olympia will be happy with this photo comparison – she’s hardly aged at all! That’s also a great name, though it’s a new one on me.


11. Craig, Denise, Amy & Jess

How nice it is to see a group of friends still together after all this time. They seem a lot happier in 2017 though! Although Jess still seems distracted – I guess some things never change.

Craig, Denise, Amy And Jess

12. Chris, Connor, Sam & Seth

These handsome young boys grew into handsome young men. I wonder where Connor is – I hope he’s okay!

Chris, Connor Sam And Seth


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